Saturday, January 08, 2011

Into the 8th Day

Well here we are on the 8th day of the new year. I haven't been around much, taking care of family stuff and trying not to pull my hair out, so far I haven't.

I'm wide awake and its just after midnight, I typically am in bed around 830 or 9 at night. Tonight though I thought I would blog a bit. Its been since October since my last post. I want to get back to blogging again. I really enjoy it and shouldn't let the things that I like slip by the way side. I'm a dork I know but its fun. I've done that too many times in the past 8 1/2 years. Your probably like wow, you can really determine when things started to change. Well sure, it's simple I fell in love!

So tonight I've changed my layout and created a new banner so its new and fresh.

Mostly I wanted to share some things that I did in 2010. I've got photo's too :O) because you know my camera stays in my purse; you never know what might happen or c'mon my son turned 6 and he still experiences the first time he ever_______.
So my pictures may have been posted before but who cares right, if they're reposted it must of been pretty special or just a fav.

I started blogging in January 2010 to give some inspiration to other scrapbookers, but found that I was GETTING lots of inspiration from my fellow crafters. I even make cards now.
This post might be long, but I don't have anything else going on at the moment. Like I said, I'm wide awake the boy is sleeping and the "non-husband" isn't home, he's out with some friends. Speak of the devil he just walked in the door.
This past year delivered some good & bad and it gave me some answers.

I hadn't had a car pmt since 2008, unfortunetely I was also going on being w/out a car for 2 years. Dumb! Why? It broke down and the rest is too long to explain. I did not enjoy being driven by Bill's mother each morning and sometimes driven home too. It wasn't cool at all, helpful and thankful however. Not that I'm concerned w/ being cool, but that was just very uncool. I did finally get a car in October, I'm sportin' a '06 Ford Fusion.
Life has been so much better since having a car again. Having that freedom to drive off on my own is wonderful, oh I forgot to mention that Bill has a stick shift and I couldn't drive it, and he wouldn't teach me, not cool again.

Let's see I went to Key West with my sisters, mom and aunt in April and it was awesome to say the very least.
Good times were had of course, lots of laughs, gettin' on each other nerves, many cold, cold beers and plenty of food, and layin' by the pool. I started an album of that trip that I've gotten probably 85% of it done.
When I thought I was done I realized I didn't have some pictures and was totally bummed because I thought I was going to get to complete an entire album on a scrap weekend trip. That was another trip I took w/ my sister and our friend Corrina. That trip is always a must at least once a year. It's in northern Michigan its at a place called Harold's Resort in Traverse City off of Spider Lake.
We have a blast each time, just scrapping away. Kathy is the lady that runs the resort and does these weekenders in the off season and she is just wonderful and I would consider a friend now. I think that I've done the trip at least 5 times. She feeds us well too, its amazing the food she has, especially the stuft french toast. Oh man I start looking forward to that weeks before its time to go. Its that good!
Another small trip we took was in May to the Tulip Festival in Holland, Mi.
I've always wanted to go and finally I made it there. It was unfortunetely cold and the tulips weren't doing so well. Bill wasn't impressed, Lucas was mildly impressed. He was all about the hotel and pool.
His first time at a hotel.....see the first are always there. On our way home we stopped in Marshall, Mi for a visit to Turkeyville USA. We had heard about this place like 7 yrs ago and we finally made it. We came home a different route so that we could hit it up. It was really good, Bill was satisfied with this.
When he describes it to people he always says, " you know in Forrest Gump when they are talking about all the different shrimp? Shrimp scampi, shrimp kabobs, shrimp salad etc, well thats how it is at Turkeyville.....turkey dinner, turkey corndogs, turkey hamburgers!" Its so funny.
I made many and plenty of trips to Kentucky another long story, only thing tellin' about that is that I've done that trip (5 hrs down & 5 hrs back up) there and back in one day at least 3 times. That doesn't count the times I stayed for a weekend. Or my other family members did the trip there and back. Yikes! I'll just say it involved my neice Shelby and she is very loved by us. lol
I almost forgot about the dreaded annual canoe trip. It is and will always be hell for me.
Photo above bad canoe trip, photo below good canoe trip (its for the day only :O)

Lucas started 1st grade and at a new school.
Its been rough, but things are looking up. He has been labeled ADHD. I have accepted that and want to do what I can to make him wanted and accepted by family, friends and just everyday people that come into contact with him. He's adorable, smart and just fun. He deserves good things and things are looking up. His dad wasn't for medication but sometimes dammit you need to try something new to see if it will help. It has and his dad is thankful now on the route that we've chosen. My boy's therapist is wonderful, she really helps him learn new ways to focus, and helps us understand what he's going through. Yea, and my son has a crush on her too. Amazing!
We are still learning and making way to a better life for him, but there are still some bridges we need to cross. We'll get there, I've learned about patience the past 6 months.

OOh, my mom turned 60, haha! That's bogus isn't it not her age, but me laughing about it. We through her a party and it was Detroit Tigers themed.
She loves them and it was fun to dress in that gear and all guest did too.
This is all so random and scattered....we met up with some wonderful neighbors from the old neighborhood where I grew up.
Mom still lives there. Lots of reuniting on this past year with old neighbors/friends. I even got to join a "book club" haha the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and again haha.
Even though I've only made it through book 2. I <3 Rhage! I have a crazy feeling that I just might love Zsadist!!!! What book is he again?

Damn, I've hit that post button twice. Guess I should add the pics and stop talking about 2010 and move on cuz 2011 is here and I've got another 357 days to go. Have a wonderful year and keep blogging and following, I look forward to seeing what you've created. I love comments!

Blog at'cha later!

P.S. The pic below could have, wait did make the top 3 best things of 2010! The return of Roka Blue!!!!

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