Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a fab weekend!!!!

Good morning all, its Monday again, and we have to start another work week. No bother, gotta do it to get to another weekend! So how was your weekend? Good I hope for all.

I was able to get some cards done this weekend. The challenge this week at was to make a Mother's Day card. I made 2, one for my mom and another for my someday mother-in-law. The above card is my entry for this challenge the 2nd card I thought I would just share with everyone.

Well the rest of my weekend was great, I got to visit with my brother and all of our family so that we could celebrate his birthday. It was very nice there aren't many visits between all of us, we have to be careful or too much time goes by.

My son asked to play in the snow while his dad was shoveling. So I got his snowpants on him with a quickness. I got so many great shots of him playing in the snow. I have to say taking photos in the wintery snow with him playing are my favorite types of pictures to take. Plus scrapbooking those photos are always awesome too. While dad was shoveling our snow he decided to help our neighbor with her walkway up to her door. It didn't last very long but for being 5 years old
I thought that was pretty cool, she did too.

He played for about 30 minutes then asked to go in so that he could warm up. No problem! It was quite chilly.

Well the rest of my weekend was just being lazy, relaxing around the house oh and I got a fab new haircut, thank goodness for a minute there I looked like one of the Jonah's Brothers, then I started to have what I thought looked like a Carol Brady-d0. E-gads! What would have been next if I hadn't gotten a cut.....Billy Ray Cyrus for sure, you know Achey Breaky Heart days.

I did go to dinner with my men (son & bf) and naturally I played Keno. Alittle history with me and Keno well I play the same for 4 numbers every time for 5 games at $2 a game. So the prize is double. I never win :O( I decided to switch it up a bit this time, I chose 17, bf chose 36 & our son chose 5 & 80. I only played $1 games.....and guess what I won $75. I'm a winner finally!

Ok so I'm a little chatty this morning, but it truly was a terrific weekend. I'm looking forward to the next one. Have a great week everybody!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

happiMess..... sweet boy! Just going through some old photos and came across a great pic of Lucas from when he was about 3. It was a perfect pic for the challenges that I am going to enter it in.

I noticed when other bloggers post their LO or cards they get very detailed about what product was used. Yea, I use so much stuff that I have stashed away I haven't a clue what type of paper or inkpad yada, yada!

Well the first challenge is from their color palette this week is:
And the second challenge is from and theirs is to use stamps:

I thought my tag was cute instead of putting happiness, I used happimess, LOL, I think I'm clever.....well, maybe just silly!

So I was able to combine both and came out with, what I think is a really cute LO. Scrapping pages of my son is always fun, because I think he is the perfect subject!

Hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I heart challenges!

So I've been exploring this blog world for about 2 months now. I am totally getting into these challenges I find all over the blog. I have been doing the challenges over at Allsorts for about 4 weeks now. That site gives me all sorts of inspiration to make cards. I like doing cards but I'm not as detailed as they get with all their copic markers (to which I've only heard of since I've started blogging). I have to say I'm curious to see them, and try them out. So as I am a true scrapbooker at heart I searched for some new sites this past weekend. I did discover another site on Saturday SPCC, it seems to be more scrapbookers and their challenge is all based on the color combos, so the colors they provide are what you have to work with. I also came to Practical Scrappers they try to get you to use your stash. I am excited to join all of challenges. I hope to keep them straight, and to keep up with it all because it will help keep me up to date. I've already completed the Allsorts and posted. Now here is my take on SPCC. Funny about 2 weeks ago I started a Allsorts and didn't have enough time to finish and post in time. Well the LO had 2 of the 3 colors on it that SPCC was asking for, so I was able to complete it last night by adding the third color.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Allsorts Challenge Week 40

Good Evening, I did a card this morning for my brothers birthday that will be coming up on the 27th. Over at the Allsorts Challenge this week it was Tag, Ticket or Label. Sorry I don't really have much to say, I'm at my sisters and gotta rush home to the fam to make dinner. I'm thinking loaded nachos or tacos. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Bye for now!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yesterday I celebrated 8 years with my Love. It doesn't seem that long ago that he approached me in the coat check line. Time flies I guess when there's Love in the mix. Bill's last name is Love, mine isn't. Not sure what happened there, it would be nice to share the name Mr. & Mrs. Love. I started to get all sentimental last night after everyone went to bed. I was thinking about all the fun times that we've had. I pulled down the little 7x7 album that I started of us. Its amazing to see the changes in us in 8 years. We met in 2002, and I had started scrapbooking in 2004. When I went to that first Creative Memories class at my sister Lisa's house back then, I had ordered their limited edition 7x7 Love Sentiments album. I decided I would start small and it would be an album of us and only us! To the right is the first photograph that we had taken together. I had invited him to a wedding just 2 weeks after meeting him. He was a bit nervous because my entire family was there. He got through it, and the fam accepted him.

This is one of the very first pages that I had created when I started my scrapbook obsession. Its fun to see how we've changed throughout the years and how my technique in scrapbooking has changed.
I also noticed that I only scrapped things that we've done between 2002-2006. I make sure that there is always pics of us at everything we attend, holidays, bbq's, vacations etc. So I need to focus on this cute little album again. I have 4 years of pics that I've neglected. Yikes! I need to scrap-to-it!

Sharing scrap pages throughout the years is fun. I plan to share more of the old stuff. Thankful that I've learned some new ideas along the way!

Update on my Wii Fit.....not going so well, gotta get back on track!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Allsorts of fun!

So I did another challenge at the 3, 2, 1....this was fun. I've decided in order to complete a challenge I must create before the weekend is up, otherwise I won't get it done. I did do last weeks but wasn't able to post in time. Bum deal I know but it's all good because I got 2 pages done last week. Got to keep it up it helps w/ keeping me caught up. 2 thumbs up to Allsorts!!

So here is my take, 3 papers, 2 ribbons & 1 very super cute pic!

Highlights of my weekend:
-Well my sister Barby and neice Shelby were in town they live in Kentucky and are here for a few days only! Got to see them last night for a short visit.
-Completed 2 scrapbook pages. So that's not a lot but better than nothing.
-Shared valentines day w/ my family. We went to have a nice lunch.
-Got to drop off hot pink tulips to my mom.
-Took a nice nap Sunday. Awesome!
-Bought 2 sweaters at Macy's, a Donna Karen & some other designer brand.....$129 regular but after a number of discounts and my $25 gift card I ended up only paying $8.47! Um that is sweet!

That's all I have today, have a good week!

Friday, February 05, 2010


Good Morning! It's Friday and I am thrilled to pieces. I have to finish this workday and then I'll go home to my family make dinner. I'll need to freshen up then I'm going to have a couple of drinks with my neighbor. She needs someone to listen to her, her relationship just ended with her boyfriend. The rest of the weekend is up in the air, I hope its all good fun. I might come up with an idea to do something fun with the boy. Some sort of project, or game even. I don't really have much to say right now. Here's to a great weekend!

Wii Fit is going good.....11/86

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Top Banana!!!

So my little man in my life Lucas is 5 and he is in Kindergarten. In his class each week the teacher does a one page newsletter with what they will be learning that week and a feature child, known as the TOP BANANA! My son finally made it to that ever so awesome spot.
She does alittle interview with each kid and well, "Kids Say the Darnest Things." We've gotten many chuckles out of the other kids that have had there time on the newsletter. We couldn't wait to see what Lucas had to say. Very cute he is, but we were shocked that he said we were too busy to play with him on the Wii & Xbox. His dad plays everyday with him at least half of the playing time. I usually play Xbox when I can. So we were hurt by this, I couldn't sleep over it last night because I know we do so much with him. I have all sorts of projects that we do together, I'm a scrapbooker I have plenty of ideas and fun stuff. Anyways, maybe I'm thinking to much into it but I don't ever want him to feel like we don't do enough for him. His dad was an only child and his father wasn't in the picture, so he makes sure he does plenty with him. He doesn't realize what he said, and he's 5 so I'm going to get over it....I just don't want others thinking poor kid. Anyways, that was my mom moment that didn't make me feel very good. Well he's a good boy and I love him, and I will continue to do what I do now. Its plenty my mom says she's never seen parents play as much as we do with him. So on that note I'm out!
Wii Fit count 9/86....the trainer on My Fitness Coach said that when I come back today it will be a Physical Challenge.....yikes!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

1st Challenge at Allsorts

Hello all....
So I was doing challenges with a company that I had found on fb, but they never seemed to do as they said they would. Always giving extra time to complete the project, never announcing who the winner was yada yada. So now that I'm part of this blog world I came across Allsorts and I love the format of the challenges you can scrapbook pages, cards, gift boxes whatever your little ole heart desires as long as you follow the theme that is given.

So I did my very first challenge yesterday, now I'm a scrapbooker all the way and dabble very little in cardmaking. I noticed at first everyone did cards with such elaborate designs. I looked through the other crafty bloggers and saw such beautiful cards. I decided well I'll do a scrap page, then changed my mind because my sister went in for surgery yesterday and thought lets do a "Get Well" card. So I did, and I was very surprised at the pretty card that I made, where it may not be as fancy as the others but it is way beyond what I've done before in cardmaking. So I'm posting, to which I need to figure out how to post on that Mr. Linky deal. Above to the left is the sketch we had to follow and then my take on it on the right.

Wii Fit is going good, I'm getting stronger each day! 8/86