Friday, August 17, 2012

Gettin' Back To It

Well its been a long, long time since doing any scrapping and a even longer time blogging.  I want to get back to it.  I haven't much time to do either, until tonight.  I am making a album for a friend for her 60th birthday.  Just a small 8x8, easy enough.  I'll do it tonight and give to her tomorrow at her party.  I work really well under pressure, some of my best work is done that way, of course I'll have to send the man over to Tim Hortens to get me a large English Toffee. 

How about you?  Do you work well under pressure? 

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Return of Flashback Friday

Hi everyone!  Just gettin' a FF out this very early morning!  I haven't been able to do one in 3 weeks, busy and well I've missed blogging in this time. 
I have a huge weekend ahead.  I am going to 80's Fest in Frankenmuth tomorrow evening, but before that happens I will be running my first 5K in the a.m.  Wish me luck! 
I'm really looking forward to the summer, not necessarily looking forward to a yearly canoe trip.  The "non-husband" loves it, and has a bad habit of asking do I want to join them.  I like this page, I did an entire 8x8 album on this canoe trip.  Well hope your day is sunny and feels summerlike.  I know it won't be here!  :O( 

Have a great weekend, and be sure to share your Flashback Friday Layout!

Monday, April 11, 2011

LoveLeigh Miscellaney

Hi there!  Whoa!  I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks and it feels like an eternity.  So I'm back, just busy with work, Mister Man, working out & a few other things that are very time consuming.


Bob Harper gets me movin'......he inspires me all the time!  What he says makes it seem so possible and it sinks in my head.  I would love to meet him.  Get some real one on one time with him over lunch and then a serious workout!!!!!

My grandmother is/was 100% Danish. Her father and mother came over on a boat a few years before she was born.  Ancestry tracking is a hobby that I would love to donate more time too, but it's expensive and that just isn't possible right now.  However when I was able to delve into for a few months last year, I found all sorts of ancestors going back to the late 1700's.  I always say I don't need to go out of the country there's plenty to see in our own country, but I am now very interested in going to Denmark someday.

My sister over at Scrappy LO's found this very cool Link Up Party.
I thought that it was fun idea, and it will be yet another time consuming deal, but worth it, looking forward to seeing all these new blogs and gettin' ideas and makin' new friends, in the scrappin' blogland.
1. Follow everyone's blog in the Linky Tool
2. Leave a comment
3. Add the link below to your blog post
4. Get ready for lots of new blog friends!

Well hope everyone is having a LoveLeigh evening!  Until the next miscellaney monday, have a good one!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purple Pumpkin Giveaway

You've got to check out Purple Pumpkin.
They make the cutest little embellishments, she is doing a giveaway right now. 

You should probably check it out, take alook at her other embelly's too.
I just love them, and want some, next time she has a sale, I'm on it.

Have an awesome day!  Good luck if you enter to win this cute stuff.   :O)

Monday, March 28, 2011

LoveLeigh Miscellaney

Monday is here again!  Time to start this week and I've got lots, and lots to do.  So I might as well start it off w/ something fun.  Welcome to:
*I have this idea that I'd like to lose a few lbs.  I'm so all about the working out, but can't seem to get the food thing right.  It's really a bummer considering I could probably drop the weight if I would just make better choices.  This is something most people struggle with.  My goal this year is to lose 25 lbs. Not completely hard to do, very possible.  I did go buy some fruit and veggies yesterday and plan to make my lunches again, that way I'm not stuck eating McD's, Potbelly and Salsarita's all week.  Gotta take one week at a time. 

*So a couple of weeks ago I ordered from Avon this nail color:
These are not my nails....just makin' sure you know, why I think that's important I'm not really sure!  lol
But before it was delivered to me I was shopping at a corner store and found this color that I just had to have:
Again, not my nails.
Then I get my avon order like 4 days later and I'm like "huh", I must really like this color. I wanted to try something different I'm usually a red or pink nails kind of girl.  Anyways, it looks great on my toes.  :O)

*Do you ever think of what your name could have been?  I do, and I can't imagine being anything else then A'ndrea (pronounced:  On-dree-a not And-dree-a).  The only thing I'd get rid of would be having to correct people all the time.  Have you ever looked at someone and thought she looks like a ____________.  I have, and I know its not totally weird because I've had people say to me before he doesn't look like a Grant, he looks more like a Bob.  Weird topic I know, but what do you think my name would be if you hadn't known?

Well keepin' it short today, hope you have a wonderful day and a great week!  I'm going to make the best of it.  Later!

Monday, March 21, 2011

LoveLeigh Miscellaney

Hi to everyone!

*Had a wonderfully great scrapbooking kind of weekend.  I was able to get 11 pages done.

*I am doing my first 5K run on April 16th!!!!  The Downriver Dash is raising monies to help w/ child and family programs at The Guidance Center, this is a wonderful place and I'm doing this to help support because they have helped in our transition of understanding my ADHD son and helping him succeed in everyday life.

*My little 6 year old, isn't much into music, not sure why because myself and his dad are big music listeners.  So this morning on the way to my mom's house, I said, "wanna hear some music?"  Odd question because he always asks for us to turn it down or off.  He says, "no" then says, "actually do you have Michael Jackson?"  I just smiled I am big huge fan of MJ music, so I found OFF THE WALL in the visor and we jammed all the way to grandma's. 

*I watched 4 movies this weekend, it was great because I don't get alot of time to watch movies and relax w/out someone calling for me to help them w/ something.
-Grown Ups                       :O) :O) :O) :O) :O)             
-Last Song                          :O) :O) :O) :O)          
-Message in a Bottle            :O) :O) :O) :O) :O)      
-Yogi Bear                          :O) :O) :O) :O)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Bling Part 2

Well our weekend is coming to an end, we are stuffed just finished breakfast.  I just finished my last couple of pages so we can get on the road early.  Missing my little Mister Man mostly, especially since I scrapped of him all day yesterday, and that cute smile of his.  Sorry for all the clutter surrounding the LO's but hey, I was busy, busy creating.  11 LO's total, not too bad.

So all the pages I did of him were from Kindergarten, trying to get caught up and I did, but I still have plenty of that year to scrap.  I did do one more page for a 8x8 album that I bought yesterday.  Its a Star Wars album and its perfect, we have loads of that goin' on at our house.  Lucas was named after George Lucas.  I know nerd, right! 
Have a great Sunday!