Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kindergarten Memories

Well we have survived Kindergarten, it was tough for sure. My son is somethin' else, smart as a whip, but has a bad habit of thinking he is the "boss of it!" His teacher and him butted heads quite often; actually probably every day. He is very independent, and super confident, more then I could ever be. I tend to be a quiet uptight gal at times. His confidence gets him in trouble and he really doesn't know how to use it to his benefit. It is a fault of his right now, but as he gets older he'll understand and use it the right way. We did survive however and he has been promoted to the first grade. :O)

We are so very proud of him. His teacher; and this is amazing, has created a scrapbook of memories for each child. There are 27 students and she created very nice 8x8 cloth albums. These are nice albums nothing cheesy about them. His dad and I tried throughout the year to get photos of fun things that they did as a class but were unsuccessful at times. Work calls and we must make the money. She had gotten these missed moments and made sure each kindergardener and their families could have these special memories. To her I am thankful.

The scrapbook pages you see on this post are just some of creative pages she had done.

I had earlier in the school year went to a scrapbook fundraiser for my sons school to help raise funds for supplies and field trips. The teacher was a big part of the fundraising team and she had asked the 40 people that attended the crop to take the old Christmas cards that were piled high on a table and remove the picture and paste onto construction paper to recycle them and send over to the troops. What a great idea, I had done at least a dozen cards. She said that the first year she done this she made 50 cards and gave to the 2 kindergarten classes and now she has done over 11,000 cards this year alone, all her friends and family give her their Christmas cards after the holidays and saves them for the following year. She now gives them to all schools in the school district. Again, it is great and my son was part of it.

I created a thank you card to send to her and had Lucas insert a small thank you note, and its just that a small thank you.


Friday, June 25, 2010

LoveLeigh Polls

Each month I'm going to have a new poll about scrapbooking, that you'll be able to find on the sidebar. I don't have a big following but thats ok, just gives me something fun to do. I'm back to blogging again sort of took a moment away because well life calls and it gets busy at times.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Organize! Go ahead and try it......

So how well are you organized with your scrapbooking stuff? Me......well I'm the most organized messy person there is. I really don't have a choice though. I live in a very small 2 bedroom home. My man and I occupy one room and our 5 year son sleeps in the other. Our basement is well a creepy mess. We hope to buy a house sometime before fall comes around. A scrapbook room is necessary and it is known that it is a must. No extra space for my special place, no buyee of the houseeee! Anyways I follow a blog all about craft rooms. Hello, I love your bloggity blog!!!!
You really should check out the blog it is called Crafty Storage.
So since checking out the photos on this blog about everyones special space most used for scrapbooking areas, all I can think about is my perfect room. Alot are simple w/ great ideas, others have a theme. I too will have a theme, not gonna share my idea until I have that room and can share photo's of it. I'll post the before and after's, gotta love a project. Look I haven't even bought a house yet, but hey a girl can dream right. Just a few more months to go. LOL!
Listen this is necessary we haven't sat at our kitchen table in about a year. I scrapbook at the table and well its sucks to clean up. So that is why I need an area for it. You all understand don't you? I say that like my boyfriend doesn't understand. He understands full well, he's sick of eating at the coffee table as a family. Hey at least we still eat as a family even if its in the living room. So I did get all sorts of interested in organizing this morning; before I went to work at that, and I thought about new ways to organize. I tend to re-organzie every 6 months or so.....get it right already. Well that probably won't happen until I get ahold of that project room. So anyways enough about that, I need to head home and have dinner with the family at the kitchen table.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Family Moments

Family is probably the most important thing to everyone. I too think about the importance of my family. Growing up I've had a super mom and dad, 3 sisters and my brother. I am the youngest of 5. I have been on facebook for over a year now, and I used it hoping to get in touch w/ family across the country. I have and it was a slow start with getting to know everyone. I have always wanted to know about the other relatives. I've always had my Auntie Nette around and her 2 boys. The boys however were closer in age with my siblings. My Grandma got to visit us in Michigan every once in a while and would come for 2 month periods. Not sure how many trips she made out to us in Michigan her being in Seattle, but I only remember 3 visits. I remember once meeting my Grandpa. My mom has all sorts of brothers and sisters. My dad on the other hand an only child, never knew his dad whom apparently died in WWII and his mother died the year I was born. I went on a trip w/ my 3 sisters, mom and aunt to Key West this past April. I learned so many things about family; little things and was amazed at just that the little things I never knew. Once I had gotten back from the trip I decided to join and came across so much information about my mothers family. Sort of at a road block on my fathers side. Work in progress for sure. So then this past weekend I decided to go through my mom's photos, because I'm obsessed with photographs and well that is the basis of me and my scrapbooking; it goes hand in hand. lol
I posted some pics from family visits this past weekend and I got such a huge response. My uncle David whom is also the youngest (of 9) and I have become good friends practically over night. We have alot of similarties. Good stuff for sure. I am getting to know so much about him and we even got to talk on the phone yesterday. We have decided to actually and truly do a reunion, we are coordinating this event. It will be in Boulder, Colorado 2012. That is the only details so far. 2 years away, it seems so far, but I know that it will actually fly by, and before you know it, we'll being hugging and shaking hands of those that we haven't seen in years or never had the pleasure of meeting.
I have met all of my aunts and uncles at least once, with the exception of uncle Mick. So I look forward to meeting him at the reunion. I had the great pleasure of meeting my uncle George back in '99. I am thankful that I have a picture of him and I. He has since past on.
So anyway I love that family is coming together and it now time for me to get off this computer and pack so that my awesome little family can go camping.
ttyl bloggers!
Rockin' the Rockies-Bodah Family Reunion 2012-Boulder, Colorado