Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi everyone, Yay its the weekend! I hope that you are fortunate enough to have Saturdays and Sundays off. It gives me something to look forward to every week

Here is my FF this week. Last year we took the boy camping and he had a blast, met some boys around his age, fished, played, had a leach on his ankle, got to be in the Noise Parade. It was a good weekend.

On a side note, I've had to make some changes for a little bit at work. My son is struggling so much at school, and as I announced a couple of post back he is ADHD. We have decided to put him on medication and until that happens I've decided to go part-time at work. I HOPE this gives him what he needs to make it through the school day. He was only at school one day this week. November 1st I'll be back to my regular schedule hopefully. I can't really afford to not bring home a 40 hour check. Its a sacrifice I made to stand by my child and do what is finally right for him.

Have a good weekend, enjoy and create if you have time. I'm going to try!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Flashback Friday

Good Morning!

Here's this weeks flashback, I missed last Friday because I was on my way to Traverse City for a scrap weekender. It was an awesome weekend, that gave me 72 hours of peace; thoughts of scrapping were at hand.

The above layout is one of my fav's, it shows Lucas sledding and what a daredevil he really is. Laying on stomach face down heading down the hill at 2 1/2 not a care in the world. Dad and I were concerned this was his first time sledding, he loved every minute of it. I love to remember the giggling that was taking place. When my son has his fits of giggles, I am at my happiness.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Answers this evening

I am anxious to leave work today. Thankfully my boss said I could leave earlier then normal. We take our son back to the counselor today and will be re-opening his case to find new ways to handle his ADHD/ODD. She had recommended meds before and he did go see the doctor for an evaluation and Dad said no. I could have died, I've known for some time now that would be what our son needed to get through a day of school, or a visit w/ family. He is so stupid, and now he is practically begging for the little man to be on something. It's a shame but I want to scream at him and tell him "I told you so!"

Well the time has come and we can get the proper help for the little man. I do believe life will be better, and my son will be able to fit in. He is 5 and I often think about getting him into karate, soccor, church even, but terrified of his behavior. To often he is let down because we don't return, so now I am hoping that I can sign him up for stuff and he not be labeled as that problem child. He truly is sweet, but it gets overlooked all the time, by everyone.

Here is a pic of my little man, I just look at him and I know that he is something GREAT! But that's enough I want everyone to know that he is something GREAT!

It happens so much that he isn't included fun outings, because of his behavior. That isn't fair. Look at him playing in the water, guess what he was so good that day, anytime we take him there actually. I want him to be included, I want friends to last, I want adults to enjoy being around him. I'd like him to be invited someplace for once. Instead of us always having to do the inviting.

I believe alot of answers will be answered tonight. I also believe some things are going to take time to happen. I've waited this long and so has he, we will get through this.

Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm a mom w/ a son that has ADHD.....

......ok so I've said it. It's not a bad thing, right? Of course not. How silly for me to think such a thing. I have been foolish for a minute about it, but I'm not any longer. I am taking over and will create a better life for my son.

So this is way off from my regular postings that have to do with papercrafting. At times I sway to another subject. Life isn't only about scrapbooking!

So here's a little history of my life w/ my son. My son is 5 and will be 6 in November. He is an only child. We as parents love him very much and in very different ways. We are total opposites when it comes to beliefs, and that creates many, many problems. I know what is right for my son, his dad is quite ridiculous when comes to doing whats right. The problem is "what is right and what is wrong in this particular situation?" HE BELIEVES SO STRONGLY IN NO MEDS APPROACH. But has done not a damn thing in 6 months to help his only child cope with this. He as the dad now realizes that his son needs a chance at being a good student, a well behaved child, that others want to be around. Our son has been labeled by his teachers, the entire school, family and friends, nobody gives him a chance. 6 months ago we learned that he is ADHD.

He is now in the 1st grade and boy has he kept me runnin'. He has struggled since pre-school, it only gets worse. He needs help, I need help, his dad needs help. He needs it in the sense that he needs to be able to focus, have fun, understand and he needs help with his self control. I need help because I can't do this alone, I lean towards my mom, not the father of my child, I have the view that isn't a good one when it comes to dad. And well dad needs alot of help, he is so self absorbed and ignorant that I'm not sure what will come of this.

This doesn't need to be a hard life for our boy. I realized today while driving to go pick him up from school for misbehaving our smart, loving boy can't help the misbehaving he has no self control whatsoever. He has a condition that hasn't been handled properly. How can I continue to punish him, when he is so confused and unsure of what to do. He is 5, have we been to tough on him? Have we created a bad child because we were grounding him, taking toys away etc? Not sure really. Its important to distinguish between being bad and not having control to do whats expected. My same question comes up again, did we over do the discipline?

I'm going to be there for my son, listen to him better, and get him the help that he needs to maintain a good focused life. He is quite brilliant, cute as a button, fun and very loving, I don't want to confuse him any longer. I will research more then I have and read blogs to get maybe a better outlook at what other parents go through. How they handle they're experiences with ADHD. My son wants to be understood and loved like the rest of us!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Key West Part II/Weekender

We've arrived finally to our scrapbook weekender at Harolds Resort in Traverse City, Michigan. My sister Lisa (next to Jeep) and our friend Corrina, unpacking our stuff.

Here are the layouts that I was able to get done this weekend. Love all the time that is available to crop. No kids running around, just cropping, good music, cocktails.....and excellent food!

Gotta add the pics to page still.

Had to have a photo of these curtains to show my mom. We had these in our kitchen growing up.

Cabin #3 is the one that we stayed at this time.

View from our cabin, that is Spider Lake.

This is my favorite page that I did this weekend.

I made this sunset my hand, I have to say I was quite impressed w/

Workin' till the last minute.
I may have some more pics to post still, have to go through the photos later. I'm whipped and need to get stuff ready for the boy to get to school in the morn and I should have taken a day off work, to re-coop!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday

Hey all, how are you this fine morning? Good here, been stressin' out these past few days. Today I feel at ease and glad because being stressed isn't fun. Here's another LO from my Vegas trip w/ my sisters! We had a quite a bit of poolside shots and we started to notice that I wasn't in any of the photos. Um, yeah because I am always making sure there are photo's of every moment. Nobody else thinks of it like I do. Anyways we chuckled at the pic to right, my toes made it in that shot, so you could say I made it in 1 of the poolside shots! :O)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Good Afternoon

So I won't be posting Movie Monday for the 3rd week, I just can't get it together. So I've decided if I've done a movie themed LO, I post on Mondays. I can't dedicate that time yet. My Friday posts of flashback LO's is easier to post because it is old LO's that are being posted. I failed on being update on, but I will continue to create the movie album. It's too fun to totally not do. So from time to time I post.

I have less then 2 weeks to my weekender in Traverse City, Michigan! YES! I can't wait, so for the next few days I'll be getting every sorted and packed so its smooth sailin' as I get out the door and away for 3 days. Yay me! Is anyone else going on weekender anytime soon?

I'm out I am going to look for a new car this afternoon. Not brand new of course, my car went kaputs on me and well, I need something like now. Just looking for a 4 door dependable, non-Chrysler car, under $8000.

I'm out, peace!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Flashback Friday

Welcome Friday, I've been waiting patiently all week for your arrival. I don't have much planned for this weekend. Yay! I only have yoga on Saturday, a new found love for wanting to get in shape and adding yoga has been great. WW is going good down 8.4 lbs. Woo Hoo! Also dinner at Outback to celebrate my neices 17th birthday. That's it, I'm hoping nothing comes up just want to spend time at home w/ my fam. Lame I'm sure, but thats just what I want to do. :O)

My LO for FF is from 2008 a trip to Vegas w/ the sisters. It was a great trip and this particular LO has no journaling but thats ok. We were at Caesars Palace just shopping and drinking and gambling and people watching. We had a nice relaxing day. I love the flower brads and the groovey background paper. Well hope everyone has an awesome weekend, I'm off to work now.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Frame Work

Well, well I'm back had to take a tiny break. My boy returning to school had me out of all sorts. Busy days.....that's for sure. I've missed 2 Movie Mondays as well. I apologize to myself because I wanted some set days so that I could be more up to date w/ my scrapping. There I went and blew it only a few weeks into it.

So I found this very boring frame at a local store, it had no price but I decided to purchase it anyways, and when I got to the checkout it was only $3. Nice price!
I didn't like the white matte so I removed it.

My plan when I saw it at the store was to take it home and jazz it up a bit. That's exactly what I did. I took some red cardstock and and circle punch and added them to the black matte.

From there I took some very inexpensive embellishments w/ a bit of red bling to add to it. Flowers and swirls can't go wrong w/ that at all. Got the bling from a dollar store. This particular dollar store the best stuff for scrapbooking, its unbelieveable actually.

And the finished product hangs on a very bare wall in my living room. I put 3 photographs of me, the man and the boy. Different times in our 5 years of being a family. Black and white photos really make it more perfect.

A side note about this crafty frame that I did, the man was so very impressed and even said we should check out people's color scheme's in their houses and give to them as gifts. Too funny, well actually I could. I will think about it :O) I just love when the man puts his input about crafts.
Also, I think its time to clean my chair, yikes didn't realize it was so yucky...probably because I don't sit there. Saturday cleaning I know what I'll be doing.
Talk to ya later and hope you all keep posting your crafts. I love looking at what others are doing. Have a great day!

Friday, September 10, 2010

FF and bit more this morning.....

Hello World, just sitting here wastin' time until I leave for work. I only had to work yesterday and today and its killin' me. I really wish that I could go part time or even be a SAHM. So I've been all sorts of mixed up this week being off work and gettin' my son back to school on Tuesday. He went into 1st grade. So I thought for my Flashback Friday LO, I would post the above photo of his first day of Pre-school. I really heart this LO. He was so cute and as with most kids, its tough for the mom to let go, and even dad in this case.....the boy was fine! However when we picked him up he was near tears. Time really does go by fast, it seems like I just scrapped this album and now I'm getting ready to start another one for elementary years. Anyways, about the layout, red and yellows are one of my favorite color combos. Just love it! Hey I never did post Movie Monday, I had a movie picked out but again I was out of sorts this week. The movie was going to be "Back to School" not a movie that I'm a fan of, but wanted to go w/ the theme of the week. I thought how can scrap this and not have my photos printed yet. Well now I'm sitting here thinking, I could have created it w/out pics and posted pictureless. Duh! I will remember that for next time.
Just below are 2 photo's of my boy this week:

Here he is gettin' ready to drive to his new school (that I love) my big shot going into 1st grade on Tuesday!
And here he is gettin' on the bus this chilly Friday morning, and he was so nervous first time riding a bus, he wouldn't even look at me for a pic. He was unsure, but last night he couldn't sleep because he was so excited to finally get to ride the bus. He'll be fine I'm sure. See ya after work Mister Man.

Monday, September 06, 2010

No movie for you....

So I won't be posting Movie Monday today. I thought I would get too, but I'm too entirely tired. I only got 2.5 hours of sleep last night and no nap this afternoon. Boo Hoo! I just can't do it, I thought that I would be able too, but its very clear it won't be happening. Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday while my boy is at school. Tomorrow is his first day at his new school. Should be good! Hope all goes good this year, the last was a bit rough.

I need sleep, must go to bed.....just remembered I bought new pillows today, oh yea the bed is calling. Good Night!

Sisters Trip Album: Key West Part 1

Good morning all, I'm sitting here watching QVC this super peaceful morn. My son was lucky enough to spend the night at my mom's house last night. My other half will be sleeping in no doubt. I tried but knew that I wouldn't succeed. I got up and thought well lets check out fb and then blog a bit. I've been busy, busy this weekend scrapbooking. I started working on my Sisters Trip album. Our first trip in 2008 was to Vegas, and now I am able to add our Key West trip from this past April in it. Here are a few of my pages:

This was on our first day and it was so hot, we already had lunch and went for some reason to go check on our rental car. We stopped for ice cream, and debated should we jump on this pedi-bike or hike it back to our other 2 sisters. We jumped on and when we found our sisters they were in this bar and I yelled out, "Hey what up girls!" You should have seen them laughing their booties off. That's them through that groovey window, but you can't see it. It was funny.
Here was the first southernmost spot, everyone knows this spot, I'm sure you've all seen it before. Strange to know that Cuba is only 90 miles away from that spot. Never realized it was so close.
This was the view from our 2nd floor room. My mom and aunt have this beautiful place that we got to stay at. How could you not fall in love w/ Key West. That's some serious viewing right there. We were thankful they invited us to stay with them. That condo really is nice and something to think about myself in the future.
Absolutely beautiful, and they were taken at the condo.
More condo flowers, that just took my breath away. The beauty of the flowers in Key West had to be one of my favorite things about that place.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day. My son starts school tomorrow and its a big day a new school, all new friends and I'll be off until Wednesday and have to return to the dreaded Renaissance Center on Thursday to get some work done. Ugh! At least I only have a 2 day work week, can't complain there. I'm off here to get my boy and go have breakfast w/ him and my mom. I'll be scrapping some more this afternoon and will probably try to finish Key West.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Good Morning, I hope everyone's weekend is a good one. I've been busy all weekend scrappin' and doing a few other things that I just love, love, love.

I created this card this morning for my nephew, it is his 7th birthday. His party is this afternoon and my son is so excited he doesn't get to his cousin to often.

I used the color combo over at Scrapmaster's Paradise, check out that blog if you get a chance she always post some really good color scheme's.

I'll be posting another soon I started scrapping Friday night some pages from my Key West trip. Have a great day!

Friday, September 03, 2010

It's FF again!

It's Friday and I'm too excited about that. My son starts 1st grade next Tuesday, and I will probably get to leave early today and start my looooooog weekend. I don't return until next Thursday, yay for me!

So here is my Flashback Friday LO. I really love the colors that I used. We were at my work and it was during the Detroit River Days. A nice time just him, me and my Mom.

June 2007

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Color Throwdown #108

Good Morning all, I had great day yesterday and loved being off with my little man. Yesterday couldn't have gotten better. So I did wake early this morning and decided to do a color challenge over at Color Throwdown. My So Saffron color is a bit off, but I can't seem to match the colors perfectly unless it calls for white or black. lol
I'm getting back into calligraphy again, and it isn't like it used to be. I'm going to have to get my ink and nibs out to get the real feel for it. Right now I'm just using the calligraphy markers and it doesn't have the same result at all. Either way I'm glad I'm ahead of the game and not making a card at the very last moment.
Take care everyone, and check out the new LoveLeigh Poll listed on the sidebar.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cricut Challenge Blog

I had posted this layout last night, but would you believe I was dreaming about scrapbooking last night and thought of a picture to add. Very simple fix and a neccessary one at that. I just found a blog the other day and it has Cricut challenges. Check out Fantabulous Cricut, they require that you use something done on your page using the Cricut and they do give a theme. Well I originally had the interstate sign w/ a word in it. I remembered in my dream that I took a picture of Jeep in front (my man's) of us. We drove both cars and our son thought it would be cool to take a photo of dad ahead of us. So I put that pic in the interstate sign to really make sure I was meeting challenge theme, which is a road trip.

So now that I feel I've met the challenge completely I can re-post and get my day started. I used the Summer Vacation cartridge. Wal-mart had it available for like $15 or $20 at the beginning of summer. I've wondered if it was a Wal-mart exclusive, not sure. Do you know?

Well I must get off here and get ready for super busy day. It is a paid day off for me so I'm going to get busy and get home and maybe scrap some more. Be crafty, hugs for all!

And a sidenote August's LoveLeigh Poll is up and the question was "What type of Scrapper are you?" Well the results showed 66% stick with traditional scrapbooking.

Check out the new LoveLeigh Poll for September!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MM is late

Well its not quite Monday, and I didn't get to post my LO yesterday. So I thought better late then never. One of my all time favorite movies is Now & Then (1995) You should check it out, Demi Moore narrates this fun movie about 4 girls growing up and all that they go through, I believe in '72. It's just a cute movie! Here's a bonus with this post, I put it with a challenge this week over at Design Dollies. Write at'cha later!