Thursday, September 16, 2010

Frame Work

Well, well I'm back had to take a tiny break. My boy returning to school had me out of all sorts. Busy days.....that's for sure. I've missed 2 Movie Mondays as well. I apologize to myself because I wanted some set days so that I could be more up to date w/ my scrapping. There I went and blew it only a few weeks into it.

So I found this very boring frame at a local store, it had no price but I decided to purchase it anyways, and when I got to the checkout it was only $3. Nice price!
I didn't like the white matte so I removed it.

My plan when I saw it at the store was to take it home and jazz it up a bit. That's exactly what I did. I took some red cardstock and and circle punch and added them to the black matte.

From there I took some very inexpensive embellishments w/ a bit of red bling to add to it. Flowers and swirls can't go wrong w/ that at all. Got the bling from a dollar store. This particular dollar store the best stuff for scrapbooking, its unbelieveable actually.

And the finished product hangs on a very bare wall in my living room. I put 3 photographs of me, the man and the boy. Different times in our 5 years of being a family. Black and white photos really make it more perfect.

A side note about this crafty frame that I did, the man was so very impressed and even said we should check out people's color scheme's in their houses and give to them as gifts. Too funny, well actually I could. I will think about it :O) I just love when the man puts his input about crafts.
Also, I think its time to clean my chair, yikes didn't realize it was so yucky...probably because I don't sit there. Saturday cleaning I know what I'll be doing.
Talk to ya later and hope you all keep posting your crafts. I love looking at what others are doing. Have a great day!

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