Monday, September 20, 2010

Good Afternoon

So I won't be posting Movie Monday for the 3rd week, I just can't get it together. So I've decided if I've done a movie themed LO, I post on Mondays. I can't dedicate that time yet. My Friday posts of flashback LO's is easier to post because it is old LO's that are being posted. I failed on being update on, but I will continue to create the movie album. It's too fun to totally not do. So from time to time I post.

I have less then 2 weeks to my weekender in Traverse City, Michigan! YES! I can't wait, so for the next few days I'll be getting every sorted and packed so its smooth sailin' as I get out the door and away for 3 days. Yay me! Is anyone else going on weekender anytime soon?

I'm out I am going to look for a new car this afternoon. Not brand new of course, my car went kaputs on me and well, I need something like now. Just looking for a 4 door dependable, non-Chrysler car, under $8000.

I'm out, peace!

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  1. Sorry it has been a while since I visited - I have been busy working on stock for a local Craft Festival I did at the weekend.

    All done now so I am in catch up mode everywhere else .. .. including the housework!!

    It is just impossible to fit everything in that we want to do isn't it? Plus you have a lovely little chappie on tow that you need to spend time with .. .. all the crafting and posting will still be there when he is all grown up!!

    You have posted some lovely things since my last visit. Love the picture frame!!

    Take care - I hope you manage to find your new car.

    Love Jules xx