Monday, February 28, 2011

LoveLeigh miscellany

Goodness! I'm so tired and not enough sleep, maybe tonight.  Let's get right to it

I didn't do any cleaning this weekend, that's ok right?  I was busy so I put it off, it'll be here when I get home.  I'll have to tackle it then.

Went to a comedy club this weekend.  Never made any mention to my friend Kim about it.  Oddly enough we posted on Saturday evening, seconds apart on fb that we were going there.  Her table was even behind ours, too funny.  There's more as we were being sent upstairs to get the show started I ran into some neighbors that used to live on the street (during the 80's) that I grew up on.

Ok so how about this one, I can't wait until the the new smurf movie comes out this year.  I remember Saturday mornings were the best, because the smurfs came on.  It was awesome too that my dad loved watching it with me.

Check out my blog, I am giving away a little blog candy, and you have to comment on this post, to be entered.  Its for scrapbookers, its something small and it is my first RAK.  Check it out, Winner will be picked the evening of March 1st.  So you've got today and early tomorrow to comment.

I am not going to change my blog design again for awhile.  I went through something the past couple months where I couldn't get it right.  I finally like what I have and won't be changing again.  I think readers like familiarity.  So I'm all set for now. 

So my last miscellaney is this coming Sunday I'm going to be climbin' my butt off to the top of the Renaissance Center, I've practiced w/ one of my teammates Kimmy.  All 1056 steps to the top, is tough but we did beat our original time of 40 minutes, down to 36 minutes now.  We will practice once more and then hope for a better time on the day of.  I'm excited the money we have raised for the American Lung Association.  Love my team:  My Stair Ladies!

Hope everyone has a good week, I'm hoping for good, I'm seriously not ready for this week at all.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a busy weekend!  Ready to get my sleep on!
Yesterday was good day for creating, lots of good thoughts while scrappin'.  I already posted yesterday some LO's that I did.  I was able to enter a challenge over at Lasting Memories.
Here are a couple more layouts that I created, could have kept going but we went to a comedy club last night.

These 2 LO's are from a family reunion in 2000

I love this page, the colors, the photo's and I thought the saying was perfect for a reunion page.

My sister and I have been checking out new challenge blogs all weekend.  She came across one called Birthday Sundaes.  Check them out they are starting March 20th, how exciting to create and enter right from the beginning.  Its going to be all about birthday cards, and growing your stash.  Be sure to check out their new blog, it gives all the information about they're challenges, blog candy and a DT call.  So check it out y'all.

Hope everyone sleeps tight tonight!

Wait, one more thing before I sign off, I do have a small blog candy of my own going on, until March 1st.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lasting Memories #26

Hi again, busy scrappin' this morning!  Over at Lasting Memories they have a challenge going on that is due by 9pm tonight.  It is too reduce, reuse & recycle.

I thought and thought what in the heck could I do or use.  After some time I figured it out.  I took a project that my son had to do in kindergarten w/ his family.  We had to disguise Tom the Turkey, because he didn't want to be eaten. 
All the students did wonderful jobs disguising their turkeys, most of them did recycle or re-use an item. 
So we decided to turn Tom into the Easter Bunny, dad's idea!  We clipped out from a magazine rabbit ears, a basket and a carrot.  Below you'll see the side by side LO that I created w/ the photo's that we took and the disguised turkey, not only is the turkey disguised but Lucas wanted to disguise us too. 

We were able to use up some of my scraps as well during this project, so I may not have used scraps for the actual LO but the turkey is all re-used stuff, hope that counts.  If not I understand, it was fun creating the pages.

And on another note I stopped at a craft store yesterday and they had big clearance items.  I have a sad supply of flowers  :O(

I always want to use them, but I'm amazed at the cost of those jars of florals.  I will pick some up if I have a coupon or on clearance (which isn't often).  Odd but flowers are the only thing I'm cheap about, when it comes to scrapbooking goodies.
So with the big clearance sale I bought 3 containers and happy to see my stash has grown.  :O)
Just wanted to share, I'm going back to creating and I promise I won't post again until tomorrow.  Tee hee!  I've posted 4 times in the past 24 hours, that has to be a record for me. 

Hugs, AuniLeigh

Fight For Air Climb Detroit, MI with Ron Savage Fox 2

Have you won blog candy before?  I have recently and I'm so excited, its crazy I had to call my sister first thing.  She was then just as excited as I was. 

How perfect too, I won a box of buttons, only my most favorite embellishment in the world!  I won over at Crafty Dragons blog.  Ali is a DT member over at Lasting Memories.  They only do scrapbook LO's for their challenges, that's why I love them so much!  I do enjoy cardmaking but scrapbooking is my true love.  You should definetely take the time to check them out. 

I will be at home most of my day, so I've got to get some pages done.  Just waitin' for the sun to come up, I'm about an hour away.  Enjoy your day, and let's all be creative!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

Hey, its Friday!  Gotta love that.  Just a short FF post this week, I'm exhausted and want to get some good sleep tonight.  So here is my page:

My sweet boy was using crayons for the first time.

Next week return for Flashback Friday, for something new, that I would like all of you to join in on. 

BTW there's only 4 days left to comment on this post, to win a small blog candy giveaway!  Visit and comment and you could win. 


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Helper

So I should be getting ready for work, but just not feelin' it today.  The weather is horrible.  With that though I got wonderful shots of Mister Man.  Scrapping snow LO's are one of my favorites to do.  I can't wait to scrap this one.

So just a photo to share this frigid morning!  Well, I need to get my butt in gear......but hey before you go be sure to visit this post, there's a chance to win some small Blog Candy on March 1st. 

Have super day!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Late Flashback Friday

Hello!  We have finally made it to Friday, I mean Saturday!!!
That totally excites me.  I really love my weekends!
This week's FF is going to be a tad bit different. 
I wanted to post it last night but when I decided to it was too late, my camera died, and I had to plug it in, then I fell asleep.  So its being done now on this very sunny Saturday afternoon.

I also have this thing that I like to do called AuniLeigh's Top 5, occasionally.  So I'm combining them for this post.  Plus at the end there's another element to this post that I've never done before and excited to do so.
 So lets get busy, my top 5 is going to showcase my son and my most favorite LO's I've ever done of him:





I hope you like what you see, if you do, please leave a comment, I love, love comments!  Actually I think we all do really.

Wait.........I'm doing some Blog Candy, because this is my
100th post!!!!!
Just something to say thanks to my followers!

I figured it would be fun, and I truly appreciate my followers.  If your interested in winning this just leave a comment on this post.  If your just coming by LoveLeigh Scraps for the first time, just follow me and leave your comment too.  I will choose a winner on March 1st, how will I choose the winner of the RAK?  I will write each person's name on a tag, then I'll have my son draw the name.  Unfortunetely I will only be able to ship to someone in the United States.  I wish I could send out of U.S. but I am unable to do so at this time.  Let whomever you'd like know about this and remember to tell them their comment has to be on this link.

Hope your having a great scrappy kind of weekend! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lasting Memories #25

With Valentines Day just one day away, I sat and thought what kind of LO do I want to do.  I couldn't find a good picture of me & the "non-husband".  So I looked through my pics and found a great photo of my mom and my son.  Over at Lasting Memories their challenge this week is a color combo using, red, white & pink, so Valentiny isn't it! 

I apologize for using buttons again, but they are my favorite embellishments.

I hope you like what did with your color combo.  Have a great night and I'm looking forward to see what everyone else has created.  

Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

That's my boy!  He is my subject today for Flashback Friday!  He is my favorite subject, and will always be!
This layout was done at a weekender that I went to w/ my sister a couple of years ago.  She also has a blog and has joined me in FF.  You should too, its fun to showcase those layouts.  Let me know if you have decided to show off your past LO's, I would love to come by and see your stuff.

TGIF!  Something I don't normally say because it seems like throughout every Friday at least 20 people will say it to me.  It's a over-used simple phrase.  Today however I said it because I am truly thankful for the upcoming weekend!  Hope your weekend, however planned is a good one!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Climbing to the TOP!

Hi everyone!  I'm on a mission to help the American Lung Association and prove to myself that I CAN....Climb to the TOP!  On March 6th I'll be joining others in the Fight for Air-Detroit. 
I have a personal fundraising goal that I am trying to meet, so far so good.  I have 23 days to make it there or with your help, exceed that goal.  So thankful for those that have donated already.  This has become very enjoyable, not only am I helping, I am seeing that physically I can do this. 
If you'd like to show support, you can visit here and make a donation.  Or if your local there's still time to join my team
"My Stair Ladies".....Just ask how!
Thanks for taking the time to read this post! 

BTW:  I can't wait to scrapbook this!

To make a donation, just search by climber (Andrea Rogers), please know that any and all donations are much appreicated!!!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

LoveLeigh Miscellany

Today is going to be busy, 3 interviews and I can't wait to find out who lied to get in.  When I call the first thing I ask after introducing myself and going over pleasantries you have a VALID drivers license?  Yea is usually the response.  Ok, so why when come you say it just expired, or I don't have one I only have a state I.D.  So you lie, and we should hire a liar? 
Lunches are made!
I make lunch for myself and Mister Man four out of 5 days.  We both get buy lunch once per week, as a treat.  The dad never takes his lunch, but this week he says he will start.  So I had to buy extra everything.  That's fine, please, please eat that lunch!  He usually doesn't, usually drinks whatever is in there only.  Normally I say nope not gonna make it, because he won't eat it, and its wasteful, and he'll leave his lunchbox in the car.  We shall see.
I started week 2 of the program; Couch to 5K.  Its going good, not a runner, but want to do a 5K this year.  Running isn't that hard, little rough Week 1, but Week 2 was much easier.  You should check out that app its a FREE podcast.  Gotta love anything that is FREE!
Laundry, laundry go away......
Just ran downstairs to the cave to put the wet load of clothes in the dryer.  As I'm transferring I'm thinking I hate you wardrobe.  Its my fat clothes, ugh!  I can't believe I let myself gain, like I did.  That's cool though, at least I still have some of my skinnier clothes to wear once this weight is off me (I've lost 4 lbs so far)    :O)
Smoothie Time
I started making smoothies this weekend, and love that they are so good for you.  Low fat vanilla yogurt, fresh blueberries, banana, honey, fat free milk.  That's what it consisted of over the weekend, it may change occasically.  Got any suggestions, leave a comment.

Well hope everyone has a good day, this is my 3rd week participating in miscellany monday and its fun, I look forward to reading other post and seeing their total randomness.  Again have a good one!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Flashback Friday

 Well with all that darn snow we've gotten in the past couple of days, thought I would share a LO that I did a couple of years ago of Mister Man playing, well looks like plowing snow in our front yard.  I <3 doing winter LO's.  Something about the colors that I use, just make them my favorites pages to do.  This LO is one of my all time fav's. 
Have you done any winter pages?  I know a couple of my friends that haven't before, if not give it a try. 

Have a wonderfully warm day! 

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Another Snow Day

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have had a vacation day.  We had BIG snow!  Of course it was a snow day for my mister man.  Today is yet another day off for him.  Not I though :O/
It would be great, I love playing in the snow with him.  Plus I did scrapbooking yesterday, I would have loved to do more of both today.  Gotta make the cash flow though, and don't really want to use sick time.  So I'll get off here, get ready and be out the door in the next 2 hours.  Boring! 

Have a good kind of day, whatever it is your doing!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Lasting Memories #23

Lasting Memories is a new challenge site that I found this past weekend.  I really like the whole deal they have goin' on.  It is scrapbooking only, no cards!  I do like cardmaking but my true addiction is scrapbooking.  They provided a sketch this week and I decided to join in. 
Thank goodness for snow days!  I was able to scrapbook on a weekday, not sure if that's ever happened


What a great day!  I was able to play in the snow w/ my son and the neighbor.  Made a pretty good taco soup in the crock pot.  Changed my blog design a tad bit and scrapbooked a little bit.
Here is my take on the challenge at PPC this week.  Haven't done any challenges in a while, this is one of my favorite color challenges.  Glad to be back.  The cool colors above is what I had to work with.  It was harder then I thought it would be.