Monday, February 28, 2011

LoveLeigh miscellany

Goodness! I'm so tired and not enough sleep, maybe tonight.  Let's get right to it

I didn't do any cleaning this weekend, that's ok right?  I was busy so I put it off, it'll be here when I get home.  I'll have to tackle it then.

Went to a comedy club this weekend.  Never made any mention to my friend Kim about it.  Oddly enough we posted on Saturday evening, seconds apart on fb that we were going there.  Her table was even behind ours, too funny.  There's more as we were being sent upstairs to get the show started I ran into some neighbors that used to live on the street (during the 80's) that I grew up on.

Ok so how about this one, I can't wait until the the new smurf movie comes out this year.  I remember Saturday mornings were the best, because the smurfs came on.  It was awesome too that my dad loved watching it with me.

Check out my blog, I am giving away a little blog candy, and you have to comment on this post, to be entered.  Its for scrapbookers, its something small and it is my first RAK.  Check it out, Winner will be picked the evening of March 1st.  So you've got today and early tomorrow to comment.

I am not going to change my blog design again for awhile.  I went through something the past couple months where I couldn't get it right.  I finally like what I have and won't be changing again.  I think readers like familiarity.  So I'm all set for now. 

So my last miscellaney is this coming Sunday I'm going to be climbin' my butt off to the top of the Renaissance Center, I've practiced w/ one of my teammates Kimmy.  All 1056 steps to the top, is tough but we did beat our original time of 40 minutes, down to 36 minutes now.  We will practice once more and then hope for a better time on the day of.  I'm excited the money we have raised for the American Lung Association.  Love my team:  My Stair Ladies!

Hope everyone has a good week, I'm hoping for good, I'm seriously not ready for this week at all.

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  1. I'm very proud of you for doing the climb. I would die trying! LOL I just think that it is awesome that you are doing this! Best, Curt