Thursday, July 29, 2010

Canoe or not to canoe?

Hi everyone, its time to get my day started and should have gotten up and at'em already. I have been so tired all week. I noticed I usually write on my blog in the mornings. It is my only time that is actually for me. I love silence! The man has already left for work an hour ago and the boy sleeps for at least another hour. I can think in the mornings. Your all the same too, your men and kids are probably constantly pulling you in every direction.

This week has been a crazy busy kind of week. I had 2 Jeeps that didn't run and I sold both for $500, good grief. I spoke to my brother-in-law and I'll be buying my neices car from her in 2 weeks. Work yesterday had a very unfortunate ending, not really worth talking about I guess. Let's just say I have a job that I don't come home worrying about what was left undone, or needs to be done by this day yada, yada. Things are going to change and I'm going to make it a positive thing somehow and not bring it home w/ me. Going on a 3 day canoe trip w/ my man and 2 other couples. I think this is very unfortunate as well. I like the canoe trip but the camping that comes w/ it stinks. No electricity/water or bathrooms! I do however like to scrapbook it. I did the trip last year, and thought that last trip was the last, but my man loved that I went and now I'm going again. Errrrr! I should post some pics of album that I did last year for this trip.
1 more day to vote on July's LoveLeigh Poll....... Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm awake, really this time

Wow, this morning is a tough one. I want a day where I have the choice to sleep in. Weekends my son is the first one up usually 730am, so I don't get to sleep in. Weekdays I get up usually at 6am and today I got up, put the laundry in the dryer and got back in bed until 630am and that dang button we call snooze kept going off. So I grabbed my pillow went to the couch and turned on my laptop, checked fb and saw not one thing interesting. I wasn't really sitting up, sort of laying down and fell asleep twice. So I switched over to blogger and fell asleep again. It is now 654am, ugh....
So I'm running behind for work, because I'd rather do a bit of blog right now. I'm not looking forward to work. I just know its going to be a downer today.

I'm really tired today.

I was happy to see yesterday that I made the Top 5 over at SPCC this was my card entry. Usually when I do a challenge I think of upcoming events or occasions and create the card based around that. Is that what you do? Or do you make cards and hold them for later use? Just curious. I sent this particular card to my new friend, who happens to be my Uncle David. I've only met him once, and didn't really get a chance to know him. fb has allowed us to get to know each other. I am truly thankful to fb for that reason. He has started his own blog, but hasn't really stepped into this fun world of blogging yet. I look forward to when he does because he seems to be a wonderful writer (again I've only gotten to know him since around May) he likes to write I know, and when he writes little messages to me, I think wow, he really has a way with words and his description of his daily life is awesome! I however not so much a writer, probably have no business writing here, not sure if what I write is interesting. Guess I shouldn't worry about that because I do blogging because I love scrapbooking and love the new ideas that I get from visiting so many wonderful blogs. Plus I have to say I scrap even more now then ever. Challenges help me get my tush in gear :O)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vintage Movie LO

So as I said earlier today and earlier in the week, I've been searching for new blogs to follow to get more challenges. I found Design Dollies and their challenge is to take a vintage movie and create something from that, it must be something before 1985. My first choice was "Barefoot in the Park", I heart Robert Redford in that movie. Then would you believe I couldn't find not one photo of my son barefoot in the park, he's barefoot camping, at the beach, in the front yard, but not the park. So then I thought well maybe someone else could have been shoeless, yea not so much. I will make that page happen at some point. lol
So then I racked my brain for all of 20 minutes and thought well duh, my boy loves Star Wars. He was a Clone Trooper for Halloween how about do a page on that. That shows how behind I am with scrapbooking. I don't even have Halloween done. So here is my page in a galaxy far, far away.......k

So then this challenge got me thinking, about a future album that I may do. How about a movie themed album. You know how you have a random photo or too many pictures from a certain place or occasion and they don't get scrapped. That drives me crazy having a bunch of random not used photos. I think I may truly make an album where each page has a movie title. I can do that Barefoot in the Park eventually, A League of Their Own, Cocktail, Castaway, Planes Trains & Automobiles, haha just to name a few. I'm liking this idea more and more. The titles are endless. Yay for new ideas!

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A bit different I'd say

Good day everyone!

I'm very excited this morning just completed a challenge and it actually is for 2 challenge sites. Both challenges had me doing something a bit different then I'm used to. That is why I love doing challenges, one had me doing a layout that I'm not used to doing, not my usual style and the other had me using 4 colors that I wouldn't normally think to put together. So with that said here is my creation:

The boy had the most perfect milk mustache, I couldn't believe he left it there until I got my camera.

The LO is from a new blog that I came across early last week. I loved that it was a total scraplift challenge blog. Too much fun, right? You need to visit XOXO today! Their sponsor this month for the July challenge is also the person that I scraplifted from #14 by Jessica Stott/Lucky Girl Crafts.

I have been away from doing challenges for the past couple of months and I finished one for SPCC 2 days ago and had one more color challenge to do this weekend from the girls over at PPC. The colors posed to be a great challenge to me, but I did complete and I actually like this page all around.

Thanks for making me think outside my usual box XOXO & PPC!
Have a super wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Morning Steam

Good Morning!
We got a good rain yesterday early evening. We needed it bad, it cooled down a bit. It's been quite hot here in Michigan for past 3 weeks I'd say. Little to hot for my taste. People are always telling me don't complain you were complaining all winter. No most people complain of winter. I appreciate the cold, however I probably did complain about the amount of snow we got. I never harp on the cool weather. Anyways, we let the boy play out in the rain. He loved it.......

Well this morning I woke to some steamy windows.

It was already 80 degrees at 6am. I went out to move the car while the "non-husband" took out the garbage and then drove to work. I should explain the "non-husband" comment....we've been together 8 yrs and we're still not married. So I couldn't believe the humdity so early. Glad I work indoors, well I must get to gettin' and get ready for work. Enjoy your day, I will be daydreaming till the 5 o'clock hour, then running from that place I call work, so I can start my weekend.

My plan is to post my layouts that I completed over the weekend. While I scrap I'll be catching up on Days of our Lives that I DVR'd and True Blood season 2 arrived from Netflix.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I need some coffee this morning. I haven't been up this early in quite some time. I would usually be up in about an hour. The boys are already demanding stuff. My 5 yr old is asking for water, thankfully he fell back to sleep immediately. Dad is asking for McDonalds, I will give into that because I want a coffee. Not a regular coffee drinker but I'm feelin' it today. I'm catching up on all the great new blogs that I found, and all they're talent. I have found some new sites that I just love and can't wait to delve into and see what they're all about. I'll be right back...........all set got the coffee, watched a bit of the news to find out the traffic and weather. Now watching DIY Scrapbooking getting some more ideas, sometimes I think what they show is silly, but todays episode has a couple worthy ideas. lol
This weekend is going to be full of scrapbooking and maybe a card challenge.
Mmmmmm....they are teaching stamp kissing, have you ever done? Looks easy enough. I may give that a try. Hope all of you are feeling creative and do just that create! ttyl

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Greeting For You

I haven't done any challenges in a while. Here's to gettin' back into the swing of things, this is a SPCC #57 challenge.
Have an excellent bloggy kind of night!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Good Memories, Good Time 2 Scrap

So I was on fb this evening and decided to search for a new group on there for some inspiration. I have slacked a bit. I came across a group called Scrap Blogs, it is a place for bloggers to go and add their link and click on others links to get new ideas. You should check it out for sure.

I don't have much planned for this weekend other then an old friends wedding reception and a much needed haircut. I will make time during the weekend to scrap. I am a bit overwhelmed by all of the pictures that I have piling up. Bonus deal-went into Meijer today and they have their .9 cents per 4x6 photo sale. Love it! I never know about it but just happen to go in to do some shopping at those times. Also available for pickup in just 15 minutes....I love you Meijer!

So I have more photos that will be piling up if I don't scrap this weekend. Usually random outings w/ family and friends I get behind on, but vacations and day trips someplace....I don't get behind. And well I am. I've been to this year so far Key West, Tulip Festival, TurkeyVille, 2 camping trips and usually I keep my son's school album up to date as well. He graduated Kindergarten this year, and haven't done a dang thing. I did so well too with his preschool album. So the winning photos that get to go in an album this weekend are.....(drum roll)......Tulip Festival & Turkeyville, both from the same trip. Key West is a large project I'm going to save that one for my weekender coming up in October. Yea for WEEKENDERS!

Here are just a couple of pics from the Tulip Festival/TurkeyVille trip.

Later everyone and I am hoping that I get many, many pages done to share with you.
BTW my photo of the hibiscus on my banner is a photo that I had taken in Key West, beautiful!