Thursday, July 29, 2010

Canoe or not to canoe?

Hi everyone, its time to get my day started and should have gotten up and at'em already. I have been so tired all week. I noticed I usually write on my blog in the mornings. It is my only time that is actually for me. I love silence! The man has already left for work an hour ago and the boy sleeps for at least another hour. I can think in the mornings. Your all the same too, your men and kids are probably constantly pulling you in every direction.

This week has been a crazy busy kind of week. I had 2 Jeeps that didn't run and I sold both for $500, good grief. I spoke to my brother-in-law and I'll be buying my neices car from her in 2 weeks. Work yesterday had a very unfortunate ending, not really worth talking about I guess. Let's just say I have a job that I don't come home worrying about what was left undone, or needs to be done by this day yada, yada. Things are going to change and I'm going to make it a positive thing somehow and not bring it home w/ me. Going on a 3 day canoe trip w/ my man and 2 other couples. I think this is very unfortunate as well. I like the canoe trip but the camping that comes w/ it stinks. No electricity/water or bathrooms! I do however like to scrapbook it. I did the trip last year, and thought that last trip was the last, but my man loved that I went and now I'm going again. Errrrr! I should post some pics of album that I did last year for this trip.
1 more day to vote on July's LoveLeigh Poll....... Have a great day!

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