Monday, August 02, 2010

I made it through another canoe trip!

Well I survived yet another canoe trip. Look I don't really like it the camping, the canoeing is sort of fun. This year was by far better then last year. The others that went w/ us was a better crowd. Not showering, nothing other then the woods for a bathroom break, is so not cool. I am glad to be home and below you can see the photos that I will enjoy scrapping at some point. That makes the trip worth it I guess.

A bit of fishing once we set up camp
Sittin' around the campfire is my favorite part
My man so happy to be out in nature
Coming to the end of our trip

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  1. Great photos...I love to canoe and kayak. My favorite river is the Au Sable in Grayling Michigan. Glad you did it. Love the serendipity of your blog.