Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's the Scrapper's forecast look like?

Fridays Forecast: Slight chance of scrap, 30% chance
Saturdays Forecast: Clear and scrappy, 100% chance
Sundays Forecast: Partly scrap, 50% chance

So I'm going to get alot of scrappin' in this weekend. I am going to email my sis to have her bring the Cricut when I meet up with her tonight. I want to punch something right now, work is a bit odd these past couple of weeks, and I'm just tired of it. It'll get better I'm sure. I'm just frustrated and usually work isn't that for me (a frustration), but I've been snappin' at people, and I feel bad. So I guess I'll scrap that always makes me feel better! Also finding that dang camera is a must tonight so that I can post my new stuff that I do over the weekend. ttyl

FYI: I'm always starting Weight Watchers tonight!

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