Saturday, August 14, 2010

My spot right in the mix of things!

This makes me laugh, my poor little ole kitchen has gotten smaller. I've needed a dedicated spot to scrapbook but haven't the room. I live in a small 2 bedroom home and space is not easy to come by. We hope to buy a home soon and I figured until then I needed a crafty corner. That's exactly what I got, a corner. Take a look, I've worked on it all morning and afternoon:

I couldn't believe I was able to fit 3 things into that small space. Of course the kitchen table is no longer centered with the window. That's alright with me, at least we can sit at the kitchen table again to eat. We have been eating in the living room for a while because its too hard to put all the scrapping stuff away. So now I don't have to put things away it has a spot. So now it's time to do some creating, in my spot; right in the mix of things. Here is another shot of the new craft corner.


  1. nice on chick at least you have a corner to play with! I have a corner too at the mo i hope to get my spare room sorted so that will be my craft heaven! LOL hugz xx

  2. I dream of a bigger space all the time, someday I will have it.