Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday already?

So where did my weekend go? It's Monday already and I haven't a clue how it came along so fast. I didn't even create a Movie Monday LO. I still have time after work, I already have the movie picked out. After dinner I will rise to my very own challenge.

My weekend was what I would call a perfect weekend. Did some of my favorite things (except scrapbooking, what the...?), tried some new stuff too. Last year at some point I said that I would like to try and do new things, and not be afraid or embarassed by what I may look like.

So in April I went to Key West and did parasailing. Weeeeeee! That was awesome, I am not into anything adventure. I was so proud of myself for doing this, and some may say really, you think that's adventureous? Yes, my family doesn't do stuff like that or anything really. So yes it was BIG time for me.

Anyways, on Saturday I went w/ a friend of mine to try out yoga. I always felt like I'd look weird doing it. Loved it! I'm so glad that I did it and that I liked it. It is a non-profit organization so you donate what you'd like each visit. So not only am I going to be working my way to a better fit me, I am helping create peace in this world. The place was very earthy and the studio that we were in was w/out lights; the only hint of light we saw was through the bamboo window treatments. Very relaxing and look forward to next weekend so that I can go again. So another something to try scratched off my list!!!!

I was lazy most of the weekend. My sister's son came to spend the night on Saturday and the boys had a blast. I watched Back to the Future all weekend long. They had each movie on each evening. Love those movies. I took my son to see Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore. Cute, my son was so well behaved all weekend, I thought I would treat him to that. Plus, I wanted to have some popcorn. The work week is a long week until my next weigh in at WW. Love going and I and looking forward to some good results this Thursday. I did 10 minute thighs & buns this morning too. What's 10 minutes? Right on it worked me good. I can take the time to that each morning. Whatever helps me get healthy. Well I've written enough its all starting to blend together.

I will post later my MM LO. Have a great day!

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