Sunday, August 08, 2010

Babbling Brook

Well its just after midnight here in Michigan. I had a busy day, I woke very early got right to it. Left the house to get a small amount of shopping done for my friends bridal shower. Got her gift, easy in and out. Went to a craft store that I'm not to fond of, but thought its been 6 months since my first visit there, let's see if things have improved. I like what their scrapbook selection is, quite huge actually but they are just weird. I'd rather not say the name of the store, they don't deserve any bit of advertising. It's just a strange store, w/ they're non computer ways, they're even closed on Sunday's, good grief. So then I'm off to visit with my mom for awhile and do some stuff for her church. I do all the signage for her church, certificates too occasionally. She asked the other day if I could do calligraphy on a baptisism certificate. Sure, I forgot that I have the skill. I don't do it very often, couldn't even tell you where my ink and nibs are. So I bought one of those quick marker type calligrapher pens. Yea, not so much. So I went off to a very good craft store Joann's, I don't mind being an advertiser for them, because they are wonderful :O) So I got a better set of the markers there and it was better, but still love the old school way of writing w/ dipping the ink. I took calligraphy in high school and my teacher had ran into my mom at the office and she told my mom that it wasn't too often that a student was better at calligraphy then her, the teacher. That made my day when my mom told me that. I haven't done it in years, and liked doing it again. When you don't do something for awhile it usually always comes right back.

Finished that for her, went to the bridal shower, and I was very impressed and very happy for my friends. They have been together 8 years as my man and I have been as well. Maybe our day is coming soon. Only God knows.

After the shower I called my brother and visited him for an hour, had some good talk. The shower at the Masonic Temple just off the road near my brothers house so I thought I'd call, and it was nice he was home alone. We don't see each other often. We shared some business ideas, and he made it seem like it was very possible for me to get started and that it will take time but it can happen. I love encouragement! Who doesn't?

I came home spent some time w/ the boy and putzed around on blogger and fb. For whatever reason there are lots of giveaways today. Love that, you should check out my 3 previous post, they have links to those blog giveaways.

Anyways, I'm feeling quite chatty right now. The boy is asleep, man is out w/ an old roommate and I'm wide awake. So last weekend I had entered a challenge and you had to take a movie prior to '85 and make a layout. That was fun, and I did a LO on Star Wars. It gave me the idea to create an album geared around movie titles. We all have that random photo we don't use or a grouping of photo's your just not sure what to do with. Or I like to have an album for only certain types of themes. ie.\School album, Love album, My family album, friend albums, etc. So I thought you don't know sometimes where to fit those photos. My thought was it would be cool to have an album and take a title and find a photo that matches the title. I have a bunch of empty albums and this theme just seems to be fun.

Another thing I like reading blogs that have creative post and consistancy. Here are some ideas I came up with:

1st/LoveLeigh Polls, this started last month. These will last the whole month and it will be polls on scrapbooking. Check it out at the top of the sidebar.
2nd/Movie Mondays, I will post a new layout w/ a movie name as my title for LO.
3rd/Flashback Fridays, a posting of old LO's will go up. I often look at my scrapbooks and think wow, my style has changed so much. It changes often as I learn new techniques.

I figure thats a good start and a bit of fun! Hopefully I can keep up w/ the postings. Well I've babbled long enough and think that I will lay in bed and watch hopefully something good and entertaining on TV.

After reading this make sure to take the August LoveLeigh Poll. Have a great day, and keep being creative!

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