Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Like sands through the hourglass.....

Morning, its alittle after 630am and i'm checkin' out the blogs that I follow. Some good stuff this morning. I'm also watching Days of Our Lives, one of my latest returning obsessions. I grew up watching Days and one of my earliest memories at around the age of 7 or 8, Bo & Hope got married and sailed away on the Fancy Face. lol
My mom has watched it since the day it came on many moons ago. She stopped here and there especially when Marlena was possessed, that was humorous. I haven't been able to watch in like 8 years and well I finally got DVR and I can enjoy it all over again. However instead of Bo & Hope sailing away in the Fancy Face, Bo is booking Hope and gettin' her fingerprints because she tried to kill him twice. Oh this is good stuff!

So I posted over this past weekend that my camera was MIA! Still MIA! It's killin' me not having it around to take a few snapshots when I need to. Especially when Friday is fast approaching and we have some fun plans for this weekend and a camera is necessary plus I'll be starting a new blog post; Flashback Fridays! So I either need to buy, borrow or find my camera.

Back to catchin' up on the blogs that I follow, someone posted their creations on the Cricut, cute little dragonflys. Got me thinking, my sister and I bought a Cricut on Craigslist about a year ago. It came with a nice case, and 3 cartridges for $100 it was used once, when she tried it out for the first time. Decided it wasn't for her and it collected dust, so she finally decided to sell and we were lucky to see her post to craigslist. So in a year how many times have I used the Cricut? I've used it twice! It is at my sisters and I forget about it. I'm not even really sure how to use it that well, I haven't gotten to experiment w/ it. We are going on a weekender in October so I'll get some use then. Maybe I should get it so I work with it before we go. I guess since I've never really used it I don't think about it, but since blogging I've come across so many scrap blogs where people post about their creations and I want to use now.

Well I need to go get breakfast, shower, get the boy up and ready to go. Talk to you all very soon!

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