Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Birdies

Check out these 2 little birdies hanging out in the Wintergarden. I work at the Renaissance Center Downtown Detroit. Note the business man's foot to the right. Its funny birds fly all around and create habitat in the building. There is a bit of real trees and bushes, but mostly the trees are fake. I've worked here for about 7 years and each spring the birds find there way in the building. I've heard and it could be a rumor but the management of the building offers $100 if you turn in a bird. I'd like to catch a couple a week for extra income if thats true. I always carry my camera around and thought how funny, being that close and they aren't scared. The Wintergarden is a glass atrium and its absolutely gorgeous out today you'd think they would rather fly around outdoors. To each their own, even in a bird's life.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New stuff is good stuff!

It has happened finally, I have gotten a computer. This is so sad to say but I have bought my first. All that I've had in the past have been hand me downs that don't exactly work so well. So they get put aside and and well never get used. I've lived in this house for 7 years and only have we had internet access for a total of probably 4 months ever. We are no longer living in the stone ages. Yay for me!

Crazy I joined Blogger this past December and did all my post from the library or at a sisters house. Wow! I can now do this posting stuff from the comfort of my own place. I was however able to post comments and check out everybody's updates thru my ipod touch. So the bf thought I was obsessed with blogging before he hasn't seen nothing yet. lol

Another funny thing well I'm usually in bed like an hour ago. I can't seem to sleep, I did just get the laptop today.

I did have time to make a card last night before I went to bed. My sister Barby lives in Kentucky and wanted to make sure to send a Easter greeting.

Well have a good night to all! Talk to you sooner then later! :O)

Monday, March 29, 2010

you & me.....

Good day all! I'm feeling good...couldn't say that over weekend. I was feeling horrible up until late last night. All seems well now.

I made a card this morning before I came into work. Yipee! I hate to miss a challenge especially at, so i made it happen. :O)

My weekend was fun considering the non-stop headache. Friday we went shopping for a bit. Saturday met my sister Lisa for breakfast. My little family went shopping, then went to my niece's sweet 16 party. After I was dropped off at my mom's church for a music concert. My mom is in the choir. This was the best one that I've gone too so far. Very uplifting! A friend from work showed up she just moved down the street from the church. I believe she enjoyed herself. I sat by my aunt and mother's boyfriend. I took a pic of my mom and aunt they both looked so nice that night.

Well hope everyone has a great week!

I have a busy one and hope to get some more challenges done. Chat with ya later!

Auntie Nette (Annette) & My Mom

Friday, March 26, 2010


Good morning bloggers!

I decided late last night to do a challenge. I'm going way beyond what I would have done in the past. Thanks to blogging and getting inspiration from others. The color combo at PPC this week was perfect for my nieces "Sweet 16". There's still time you should go over to their site and get in on the challenge.

Btw....I figured out how to make my own banner. I wanted to use a photo that I had taken, came across this pic that I had taken a few years ago at Heritage Park in Taylor. I just love the blooms on this tree! Still learning stuff, slowly, but learning at least. Here's a question someone might be able to help me with. I type out the whole website and want to know how do I do it where it says click here and it'll take you directly to the place? Or like I can write the blog site to visit by using the name and you can click on it to be directed there? I hope I am explaining this right. If you know please share, that would be the best.

Have a fabulous weekend all!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Well I've won my first challenge. I was so excited this morning when I saw my name appear on the Winners Circle over at check out my cool new button on the

I won a designer paper pack from Stampin' Up. Gotta love paper! Thanks SPCC!

This was my winning card:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bring on the vacation

I am so looking forward to going on vacation w/ my sisters, mom & aunt. It should be a blast! As I had posted a while back my sisters and I had decided every 2 years we would take a trip together. While this year we are going to Key West a first for all 4 of us, my mom and her sister will be going as well. It will be lots of fun, I'm going to try some new things. I have to say I am most excited about parasailing w/ my Auntie Nette. She is the only other person that is willing to do it. We are both scared but want to live alittle, lol....she says it has been on her bucket list for awhile. My mom and aunt are going Saturday to Saturday, we will be Sunday to Thursday a couple of us have little ones and can't be gone too long. 3rd week of April can't get here soon enough.
My plan to lose weight before vacation yeah, not so much! Just gotta accept what it is, still gonna have fun anyways. I need some shorts, gotta go shopping soon. Gotta start tanning as well, I'm very fair and I only go tanning before a trip to get a good base going otherwise I'll be a lobster on the trip and I don't like that one bit. Wanna have fun, not be miserable. So I plan ahead, even if it means getting a start with a fake bake, like I said before I only do this just before a trip.
My boss is leaving for Key West tomorrow and he was telling me about some areas to visit when I go. Have any of you been before? Any places we should check out?
Well I must get off this computer now, and get busy, have a good day to all.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Let's see I guess I'll start with a challenge card. Over at Allsorts this week their theme was "Spring is in the Air!" Love it! Then SPCC had a great color combo that worked so well with Allsorts challenge.

I had alot of fun creating this card. We've had great weather the past couple weeks, however the weekends haven't been as nice, strange wouldn't you say? So it was nice to create a springy card while it was quite chilly and gloomy outside yesterday.

I had Friday off so that I could go to the boy's kindergarten class for a "Beach Party!" Lovely weather I must say. Both Dad and I got to go and particpate. We had so much fun, dressing the part in our summer wear. I got so many awesome pics to scrapbook. Yay! I can't wait! Anyways, we had a great lunch of sand (vanilla pudding w/ finely ground graham crackers), seaweed (salad), octopus (hot dogs) and gold fish crackers & sea water. Very clever that teacher is....she shared a story that after 20 years of teaching and after 20 years of having beach parties, her and her husband have been slicing the hot dogs to have 8 legs to look like octopus, 100 total. She was watching Leno and they were sharing silly gadgets. They had a octopus maker for hot dogs. She said its takes her about an hour now, before it took them so much longer to cut each by hand. LOL! At one of the tables there was a real! It wasn't alive my boy wasn't completely grossed out, but a bit nervous. I decided to face my fears of any creatures and put the gloves on and held it and I was completely creeped out but happy that I could share that totally gross moment with him.

Friday evening Lucas got to spend the night at my mom's, first time ever! He loved it and said he would want to go there again soon. The bf and I went to Wyandotte for 3rd Friday. That city holds this all year, you walk around the shops stay open late, and there usually is a theme each month. Afterwards we went to a friends house for a bonfire. Perfect weather!

Saturday was just lazy!

Sunday my sister and I went to a GREAT! Scrapbook Event, sort of a the best deal and was so happy! I love my Creative Memories albums. Well some of you may know that they discontinued the very short lived landscape album (10x12). I have 2 of these and have needed refill pages for quite some time. They had 2 refills & pg protectors for 50% off. Woot! Woot!

So I've babbled enough, sorry if I went on for too long, but when you have such a great weekend its easy to babble. Have a excellent week my fellow creative bloggers!

BTW....check out my sister's new blog she is new to the blog world and has only posted once so far, and really its an

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good day...

Good all my green wearin' friends! Happy St. Patricks Day! Yay! No green beer for me today but a free lunch at Andiamo's. Sweetness!

Well I joined the blog hop over at this past weekend and they had a "going green" color challenge. You had to use the color combo that you see below and reuse something as your green item. Colors were awesome, "green" item was a bit of a challenge in itself for me. I decided to use some crumpled up tissue paper and dabbed it on a inkpad to white textured paper for color and it looks sort of like marble. Is that "green" enough?

I combined this challenge with another over at here are the songs that you had to choose from:

TIME Hootie and the Blowfish**HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY Rod Stewart**I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCIN' Scissor Sisters**MORE BEAUTIFUL YOU Jonny Diaz** FIREFLIES Owl City

Their sketch was pretty wonderful too!

So using the color combo from SPCC, and the sketch & song from Just My Sketches...I believe I came out with a really nice and fun LO. I chose the Rod Stewart song, one reason is its the only song that I knew. Second, I chose what I thought was a perfect lyric from the song, "You Fill My Life with Laughter!"

So I hope you enjoy my page as I did enjoy creating it.

Have a great day no matter how you celebrate!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lazy Rainy Days

So this weekend was super rainy and gloomy, thats ok it was a great weekend still. I stayed in completed and started some challenges. Got to do my first blog hop w/ SPCC, first time for them hosting a blog hop. Too much fun, and lots of inspiration! We all need that from time to time. I actually learned alot about going green while scrapbooking. Something I've gone green on (but didn't think of it this way until I read others green stuff) is that I take cake frosting containers clean them up, take the label off, and create a new label and use it for storage. Try it, perfect size for so many things. Darn it, I should of taken a picture of some of mine. I will and post later.

My first card here is for the SPCC #38

Serious? My coloring is off again. I think the computer at home needs to have some adjusting. I saw bright pink. Well either way it was fun using the colors that I did, cuz I normally would not. You should go to to see what the other entries are, beautiful stuff for sure!

My second challenge #43 is over at this week they chose a color combination. I got to work w/ my favorite colors, black, pink & white. Awesome!

Well its time to start this week off, and I actually have Tuesday and Friday off so I'm hoping to finish the other challenges that I started. Happy for the lazy rainy days this past weekend. BTW the weather channel is calling for sunshine all week and next weekend will be more rain. Oh yea, my sister and I are going to Macomb Community College for a Scrapbook show. Yay for us!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

One Cool Cat!

Yo! How are you? Good here, in a great mood this morning. So I've learned bits and pieces to this blogging. Still some things I'm clueless about, but I'm gettin' there. I really am enjoying doing the challenges and keep thinking I don't want to be involved in too many. Each week however I find another one that I like, its cool it keeps me doing what I love and I'm finding that I am making more cards now, like the one below for the color challenge over at
The white & black circles are actually glitter cardstock. I wish you
could see just how cute the sparkles are, glitz always makes things better. I need to figure out a place with good light to take my photo's. The pic's never really look as they do in person.
Anyways, I had lots of fun w/ this color combo and look forward to next weeks challenge, because yay.....she decided to do them weekly instead of bi-weekly. Love it! Have a good day everyone!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Good Morning!

So it's a new week and a new Monday morning post, I don't have much to say. Gotta get busy, here is my card for & this week.
SPCC color combo and at Allsorts its Just For Men. I love when I can combine challenges. Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bright sunny days!

Good Morning everyone!

Bright sunny days here in Michigan, we needed it. We've already had like 3 days of sunshine. The weather reports for 7 more days of sun and in the 40's all week. Love it! Let's hope its true. I woke up super early this morning and was able to make a card for a friend. She contacted me last week through text and as it would have been great to talk with her, texting is what I got. So I made a card for her this morning, letting her know that its time to go have lunch. Plus, I was able to use the card for challenges this week. While at home making the card I had ran out of tape runner, really how could I let this happen, no refills on hand. Then my ribbon adhesive maker ran out. Really? So I do complete the card and then I look at the card on the way to work in this super sun shiny day and the ribbon is more of green then baby blue. Yea so I need some better lighting at home. lol....well I have to get busy, I'll be posting soon! Hope your having

So I am bummed that the ribbon is slightly off color, even more bummed that in the photo it really looks off. I still like the card though, thanks for the challenges at over at PPC-CC #2 & Carols Sketch Fun #21. Their links to their blogs are: