Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Birdies

Check out these 2 little birdies hanging out in the Wintergarden. I work at the Renaissance Center Downtown Detroit. Note the business man's foot to the right. Its funny birds fly all around and create habitat in the building. There is a bit of real trees and bushes, but mostly the trees are fake. I've worked here for about 7 years and each spring the birds find there way in the building. I've heard and it could be a rumor but the management of the building offers $100 if you turn in a bird. I'd like to catch a couple a week for extra income if thats true. I always carry my camera around and thought how funny, being that close and they aren't scared. The Wintergarden is a glass atrium and its absolutely gorgeous out today you'd think they would rather fly around outdoors. To each their own, even in a bird's life.

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