Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New stuff is good stuff!

It has happened finally, I have gotten a computer. This is so sad to say but I have bought my first. All that I've had in the past have been hand me downs that don't exactly work so well. So they get put aside and and well never get used. I've lived in this house for 7 years and only have we had internet access for a total of probably 4 months ever. We are no longer living in the stone ages. Yay for me!

Crazy I joined Blogger this past December and did all my post from the library or at a sisters house. Wow! I can now do this posting stuff from the comfort of my own place. I was however able to post comments and check out everybody's updates thru my ipod touch. So the bf thought I was obsessed with blogging before he hasn't seen nothing yet. lol

Another funny thing well I'm usually in bed like an hour ago. I can't seem to sleep, I did just get the laptop today.

I did have time to make a card last night before I went to bed. My sister Barby lives in Kentucky and wanted to make sure to send a Easter greeting.

Well have a good night to all! Talk to you sooner then later! :O)

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