Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bright sunny days!

Good Morning everyone!

Bright sunny days here in Michigan, we needed it. We've already had like 3 days of sunshine. The weather reports for 7 more days of sun and in the 40's all week. Love it! Let's hope its true. I woke up super early this morning and was able to make a card for a friend. She contacted me last week through text and as it would have been great to talk with her, texting is what I got. So I made a card for her this morning, letting her know that its time to go have lunch. Plus, I was able to use the card for challenges this week. While at home making the card I had ran out of tape runner, really how could I let this happen, no refills on hand. Then my ribbon adhesive maker ran out. Really? So I do complete the card and then I look at the card on the way to work in this super sun shiny day and the ribbon is more of green then baby blue. Yea so I need some better lighting at home. lol....well I have to get busy, I'll be posting soon! Hope your having

So I am bummed that the ribbon is slightly off color, even more bummed that in the photo it really looks off. I still like the card though, thanks for the challenges at over at PPC-CC #2 & Carols Sketch Fun #21. Their links to their blogs are:


  1. Isn't it such a nuisance when things run out on you!! i think you have done a wonderful job with your supplies ~ Thanks for playing along with my skeych this time :)

    Carol xxx

  2. Lovely Springy card. I hate it when you run out of stuff, I bought a 2 pack of tape runner refills just last Thursday because I thought I would run out soon, and sure enough, it ran out Saturday! Yay for sun in MI, I'm with you all the way on that! Ate my lunch on our deck yesterday, how mad is that, but I just wanted to be outside again!