Friday, March 26, 2010


Good morning bloggers!

I decided late last night to do a challenge. I'm going way beyond what I would have done in the past. Thanks to blogging and getting inspiration from others. The color combo at PPC this week was perfect for my nieces "Sweet 16". There's still time you should go over to their site and get in on the challenge.

Btw....I figured out how to make my own banner. I wanted to use a photo that I had taken, came across this pic that I had taken a few years ago at Heritage Park in Taylor. I just love the blooms on this tree! Still learning stuff, slowly, but learning at least. Here's a question someone might be able to help me with. I type out the whole website and want to know how do I do it where it says click here and it'll take you directly to the place? Or like I can write the blog site to visit by using the name and you can click on it to be directed there? I hope I am explaining this right. If you know please share, that would be the best.

Have a fabulous weekend all!

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