Monday, January 31, 2011

LoveLeigh miscellany

Thank goodness for weekends, it was a good one for sure.  I just love having those 2 days off.  It was EXTREME relaxin! 
Ready for spring!  We have a big snow storm coming in Tuesday night.  I'm just over it, besides I'm gonna have to walk next door, tell them to have their car off the street, I'm tired of getting snowed in at the end of drive.
I have no business being on this computer right now, but I couldn't wait to do miscellany monday.  Again a cute idea.
Why is there a ketchup bottle left out on the counter?  I made home made french fries.  I hate cutting the potatoes but the BF loves it.  I finally gave in and did it.  I didn't eat not one, I think its nasty, besides that wouldn't be good for my new healthy kick that I'm on.  So why is the ketchup bottle still out from last night?
One of my sisters left a comment on a old photo of my dad that I have on fb. 

I loved that dad always would reach his hand out to hold ours! He is/was a wonderful person!
This made me so happy, he did, and what a wonderful memory of him!  Now I will get my day started thinking of just that.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time to Earn

I'm trying to get it together w/ my son and his ADHD.  I've tried so many things, it was looking up.  It's going back to how it was before with his aggression coming back.  I know that I need to limit his time on anything electronic.  I was at the dollar store yesterday and came across this spinner.  It gave me an idea......
I thought I can regulate how much he plays.  He has to prove himself in order to play his gaming. I woke up very early for a Saturday morning and decided I wanted to get this new project done.

I figured while I had the help I would have him punch out all the circles.  When he earns a spin, he will do just that; spin.  Whatever number he lands on is what he gets.  It ranges from 30 mins to an hour.  I'm sure he'll be praying for #5 each time he spins, thats the ULTIMATE REWARD!
Does he fully understand the rules of this, I hope so for our (mom & dad) sake.  He's probably going to raise a fit but that's what happens.  I can stick to it, it'll be dad that I'm worried about.  Not sure how much time he has on all these devices a day, but its alot, so he is going to be very limited.  There will even be days he gets nothing, this will help him understand good behavior and choices gets a spin.  If not, "No Spinny For YOU!"
The boy will survive and we will too, just coming up with new ideas on how to handle those bad moments are tough.  So I'm willing to try anything, we'll start this tomorrow.  Have you had this experience?  What are things you've done to reward your child for good behavior?  I don't want to focus so much on the bad.

Have a nice weekend, its a cold snowy one here!
Edited on 1/31/11 @ 453pm:
The boy had an awesome 2 thumbs up kind of day at school.  I guess he talked all the way home about how he gets to spin.  His 1st spin and he gets 2 hours, your choice.  He was so happy I guess, Dad got to do it with him, he has 5 minutes left to play, hope Dad follows the rules.  I'll be home in 30 minutes.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday

Its a little later then normal, usually I post FF in the a.m.  Today I had such the hard time waking up.  I just couldn't get it together this morning.  So here I am, the boy is asleep and I am on the couch just chillin' bloggin' and facebookin'. 

I'm goin' WAY BACK this week.  This particular page was done w/in the first year ('04) of scrapbooking.  In an album that I don't share w/ my son, the album is titled Party Central.  Yep!  Mostly its just alot of beer drinkin' w/ my buddies.  All that drinkin' and I've managed to fill a Creative Memories album w/ 45 pages of refills in that one album.  That is 90 pages of good times!  WOW!  Anyways.....some of my bestest times were w/ my good friend Bandit. 

So there you have it, as I sit here and post this I wonder if my sister over at Scrappy Lo's is posting her first Flashback Friday.  We'll see........ its only 2 hours till Saturday.  I was excited when she told me last week that she liked this idea.  Jump on board if you want to as well.  Its fun to share your old work
Miss Bandit is part of the 2011 Yearly Ten, you may not have remembered it but its to meet up w/ an old friend each month. 

Tomorrow I am able to meet up w/ another friend, and possibly one other mutual friend for breakfast.  Maybe February I'll arrange something w/ Bandit.  
Well hope everyone has a good weekend!  

Monday, January 24, 2011

LoveLeigh Miscellany

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase lettersHello good people!  I just came across this really awesome blog over the weekend.  See the pic to the right.  You type 5 things of complete randomness every Monday.  So here it goes, be sure to click on the pic and look at others that have posted a link to their random oddities. 

I have to say I have an obsession w/ any of the original cast of 90210.  Brian Austin Green I still heart you. 
Totally wish I could scrapbook every single day.  That is something to work towards, thats not possible at all right now.
Football?  I don't care who's going to the Superbowl.  Although when Superbowl XL was at my work because Detroit was the host city, I did enjoy it.  Couldn't tell you who played that year, but I got to meet all sorts of celebrities. 
Travelling is probably one of my favorite things to do, just wish I had the funds to do it more frequently. 
I haven't had a chip sandwich in years.  Oh my goodness, I will have before the week is over.  Just plain chips w/ mayo, mustard, cheese all layered in your choice of bread.  My mom used to make them for me all the time, and then my co-worker started eating them too. 

So there it is, funny how those things popped in my head.  Stay tuned for next weeks random writing.  Join in too; there's time still. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beginning and End

Well, well its a sunny day here in lower Michigan.  I'd love to be out and about but just not feeling like it. 

Let me just tell you about yesterday, had a wonderful day with my mom and Lucas just hanging out at her house for about 3 hours.  Then it was time to meet up w/ one of teammates/greatest friend ever for the Fight for Air Climb in March.  We went to my work which happens to be the place they do this.  This week I started climbing on my lunches and did fairly well.  She goes with me and I'm thinking ok we might do as many as I did, but its her first time maybe not.  Um, are you ready for this......
*~40 FLOORS~*

So there it is, we rocked and we rolled!  The Ren Cen consists of 7 towers total.  The center tower is the largest and it has 72 floors.  We did one of the business towers and it has 39 floors, however we started on A level so 40 floors is what we completed and it was rough a couple of times.  We did it, and we are proud, and we took a photo to show our pure excitement.  We drove around to the tower that we tackled and took a snapshot.  We'll be taking photos of this very unique situation for both of us, its NOT everyday we push ourselves into such a workout.  We are very serious about taking this on and we are looking into other challenges to do.  We aren't looking for great fabulous times, we just want to push and see what we are really capable of.  Yesterday proved to us that we can.  I'm still excited! 

On our drive home we were discussing it and she said, "once I put my mind to something I don't stop".  I had to admit I will stop.  We soon realized that we are good for each other because in the BEGINNING I'm ready to go, go, go let's get to it, then will give up after some time.  She needs to be pushed to start, but she always makes it to the END!

BTW all photos naturally will be scrapbooked by me, and probably put on fb by her.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The return of Flashback Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  So glad the weekend is almost here.
So, I took a break from blogging the last quarter of 2010.  This morning I am getting back to something I enjoyed doing every Friday.  Something I like to call Flashback Friday (FF) allows me to share some LO's that were done early on in my scrappin' days.  It showcases how my own style has changed and its fun to take a look back at how simple those pages are.  So every Friday I'll be sharing, anything that was prior to LoveLeigh Scraps born on date.

The below LO comes from a 7x7 album that I created for our best friends and Ex-Door Neighbors.  Since they don't live next door we don't see them enough.  They moved temporarily to Minnesota, and I made this album for them when they came to their senses and moved back to Michigan.  This is my favorite of all.  Recently I nabbed the album to update it, to put the most recent pics in it.  Our time together isn't often but when we do get together its always guaranteed to a blast! 

These are some of my best memories!

 I have to giggle thinking back on when I created this page, I would guess about 3 years ago.  On the left page at the bottom, hard to read in the photo but it says Best Friends.  When I used that embellishment.....dang what is it called?  Well you lay it done and its pinkish in color, peel the overlay off and then you add glitter to it.  Either way I thought this is cool, and happy to be doing something so different.  Funny because now I do some things that are way cooler and to be honest I think I used those things on other 3 other pages and haven't used again.  See changes throughout my scrapbooking history.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's scrapbooking, he ask?

Hi everyone, hope your week is going well.  Mine is going about just fine.
This whole week for me has been about getting back into shape and get movin'.  I have started something and can't back out.  I am going to do a stair climb fundraiser and it just so happens to be at my work.  One of my supervisors does these stairs everyday that he works.  Well isn't he just healthy!  lol, no really, good for him.  I asked him yesterday how long does it take him to the 72 floors in the hotel?  He says that it takes him 14 minutes.  Wow!  I'm completely amazed, and like can I even complete it.  Gosh I hope so when the day comes for the stair climb.  He has done the fundraiser in the past but will be out of town this year.  He goes on to ask me how I'm doing I tell him that I did 26 floors in the office towers yesterday.  The day before I did 22 so I figure increase it a bit each day.  It takes me like 13 minutes to do that many, so I'm not as speedy as he is.  I'm all good with that.  He says good job, and tells me to add a backpack and put some weight in it.  My eyes about pop out of my head......the weight is good it for some reason makes you go faster. response to that outrageous comment is, well I have enough extra weight on me.  Truly in this process it is helping reach another goal and that is to lose a few lbs. 

So here is where, he says what's scrapbooking.  I share with him that I will be having a scrapbook crop fundraiser to help raise monies for the American Lung Association/Fight for Air Climb.  He looks like all confused and curious.  So I'm shocked and tell him you crop pictures put them in albums that you decorate with all sorts of cool and neat things.  He stares at me, still confused.  So I explain further and he just like huh?  What is a world without scrapbooking?  How in the world has his wife not spoke of this or some other girl in his life.  Not that they need to do it, but I talk about scrappin' probably everyday, or it crosses my mind.  Weird?  I don't think so, its my passion.  We all have something we're passionate about, however some haven't figured it out yet.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AuniLeigh's Top 5: Vacation Spots

I did a top 5 post once before on scrapbooking items, thought it would be fun to do once a month on other things and doings. There are many more places that I love to go to, but this is a top 5.  Just want to give a shout out to Nashville because it didn't make top 5 but its a great place and hope to go again, it's been way to long, gotta love those country boys!

What's your favorite spots to travel too? 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Climb Detroit

Ok so you can see my new gadget that has been added to the right, its a countdown to Climb Detroit. That is one of the 10 things that I would like to do in 2011.

I am trying to get a team together and have one other person committed, and one that is concerned about climbing 70 floors. I too am concerned but want to see what kind of strength I can pull together to do this. Fortunetely for me I work at the Renaissance Center the place where the stair climb will take place. The other person that has committed to it also works here. We will start training today during our 30 minute lunches. I have done stair climbing for the health benefits of it, lost 13 lbs doing it and saw a wonderful difference in the way my clothes fit. So looking forward to that again. Its been a couple years since I did that. When I did it in the past I got up 6 flights and thought I would die, but after 2 months of pushing myself I was able to do 26 floors. I think I could have gone further but time didn't allow for it.

Looking for a team of 4 at least.

Planning a fundraiser scrapbook crop as well at my mom's church. Hoping to find out if the date that I chose will be ok. Gotta get planning and started working on it.

I'm really looking forward to this, I'll be sure to share my progress along the way. Besides this will help me w/ one of my other goals to lose 25 lbs this year. BONUS!

Edited post: After posting this I went over to fb and updated my status asking for people to join my team. I have 4 people total now, and possibly another.
I also did 15 floors during lunch!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family of 3: LO's

Hey there, let me come right out with it, I'm exhausted. I've had a super good weekend however, wish all were this way. Started off went to meet friends for martini's (my first) and spent the night chattin' it up w/ good company. Saturday I went to a scrapbook crop, and today I haven't done much at all. I did go workout and I did take a nap and I've watched so much iCarly with the boy.
I like her brother Spencer sort of cute, and tons of funny :O)

Ok on to scrapbooking, I have the LO's that I did over the weekend. Not sure about a couple of them I wasn't really feeling it like I normally do. Reasons unknown.

I decided not to take a bunch of stuff that I wouldn't use. I brought lots of paper, a few embelly's and instead of bringing multiple albums I decided on one project and just one. It gets really heavy and my back can't take it. Besides I figured it would be nice to get into the family album more. I started an album on things that my little family of 3 has done. We love to play out in the snow. We really enjoy sledding and even go with some friends of ours sometimes and they bring a grill and make food, and the coffee stays brewed and they even have hot cocoa on the grill for all the kiddies. The LO above was shoveling that turned into fun between the boy and dad.

Most of the layouts that I had done were our camping trips. I used alot of the recycled paper stack pack, just absolutely perfect for camping or our canoe trips.

This particular camp trip was such a good time, we really relaxed and enjoyed it.
Poor kid played at the beach and while walking back I noticed his bleeding ankle, when I bent down to see, there was a leach just suckin' away. Total freak out moment, but I gathered up enough calmness in me and we got through it. Of course dad wasn't anywhere around. It still gives me the creeps thinking about it.

Here's a few more from that trip.

I just love that paper. but I felt like I needed to brighten it up a bit, and well this is one of the LO's that I'm not so sure about.

These pics were taken at my work, he gets to visit every so often. I like this 8x10 photo of us. Dad was at work and it was a last minute decision to have it taken. My mom's church (which we go occasionally) was taking new photo's for a directory and she said that it was one photo for like, well its been 2 years I can't remember how much but it was so cheap I figured why not.
This LO is super simple, but I really like it alot. Stickles is great! Just discovered about 6 months ago. I am always trying to buy stuff that sparkles and glitters, this makes it so easy and possible to have bling all the time if I want to.

Let me know what you think, comments are always welcome. Hope your having a great evening. Maybe some of you are lucky enough to have Martin Luther King, Jr day off Monday. I get to show my face at work tomorrow. Boo Hoo! Either way have a good day whatever your doing.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Creative Worlds

Hello scrappers,

Just wanted to share 5 blogs, that I really enjoy diving into their creative worlds. Between scrapbook layouts, card creating, awesome storage ideas, a little legal scraplifting and just starting out, I think you might like these.

Always with a Heart
Crafty Storage
One Page
Scrappy Lo's

Hope you enjoy and hope you don't mind that I shared your link. I think your all fabulous!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yearly Ten

Just before the new year started I had thought about a book that I read called Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber. Its about a group of women that create a list of 20 things they would like to do before they die, be it small or big. I thought about how I would like to try out some stuff. I made a list of 10 things that I would like to do in 2011. I never thought to share it on my blog, but a lady that I follow posted her bucket list. Well I commented to her that I thought I might have to steal her idea and blog about it. This way it makes it more out there and I'll feel the need to accomplish these things be it big or small.

So here it is:

1. Get serious about the 2012 Bodah Reunion
2. Buy my 1st house
3. Take Lucas to Disney World
4. Get sewing machine repaired and sew again
5. Read Gone w/ the Wind all the way through
6. Go to at least 3 plays/musicals
7. Visit w/ an old friend, a different friend each month
8. Lose 25 lbs
9. Climb Detroit; join a team
10. Ride my bike again

There it is and I'm looking forward to all of these. Some are things I used to enjoy doing but somewhere they were lost along the way. I am enjoying the thought of doing this list and seeing how and when I am able to complete it. I'll definetely post each time I complete one and I'll post a pic.

#9 I've already started working on. This is an annual stair climb to the top of the Renaissance Center (72 floors). I've always wanted to do this, I'm trying to find others to join a group w/ me or at least join another group that has already formed. I work at the Ren Cen and have in the past climbed stairs for exercise and could get up to floor 26, not quite 72 but its a start. Hoping to find others that will help me complete this goal. It's coming soon March 6th, gotta get busy to make this one happen.

I think this would be fun for me to do each year; a new list of ten.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Scrapbook Novels

So, on fb I follow Michigan Scrapbooker Magazine and they do giveaways and typically they give away scrapbooking materials. This time around you could have gotten scrapbooking stuff or a scrapbook novel. I like that idea, reading about what I love to do while mixing it with a little bit of murder mystery. Fun!

Of course, I looked up the author (Laura Childs) and saw that she has a whole series with 8 books so far. I'll be ordering up the first one to see if I likey.

Just curious has anyone read these books or came across other authors that have a scrapbook theme to it? Below is a listing of the 8 books.

#1-Keepsake Crimes
#2-Photo Finished
#3-Bound for Murder
#4-Motif for Murder
#5-Frill Kill
#6-Death Swatch
#7-Tragic Magic
#8-Fiber & Brimstone

As soon as I get to read it, I'll let you know what I think. Have an awesome day bloggers!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Well thank you weekend....'ve treated me good!

LOL! I've had a really good weekend, a lazy one at that.
It started after work on Friday I decided to make sure that I get back into blogging again. I missed it, and didn't really know it until I posted something that night. Not only did I miss writing on my blog and doing scrap challenges, I love looking at endless blogs and finding stuff that catches my eye and deciding are they worth following. Strange the things you'll come across while galavanting around blogger. While looking up fellow scrappers, and hittin' up probably a good 20 blogs I found one's profile that stated she liked to watch "tartoons".....huh? The only person I ever heard say that before was my dad, "tartoons" were a daily part of his life. He past on in '01 and there are times when I wish I could just sit w/ him again and watch Tom & Jerry or the Smurfs, just once more. Ok, didn't mean to go there, that wasn't in my agenda for this post but it sort of just happened. On to the rest of my weekend.

Woke up early on Saturday morning and spent the day cleaning and organzining. My nephew AJ was coming for the night and we were all excited because he hadn't spent the night in quite some time. We as in mom & dad thought it would be fun to play Wii for awhile. It didn't really happen like that because as soon as us grown ups wanted to play some Guitar Hero they scrammed. They don't think "Smoke on the Water" & "Shout at the Devil" are cool songs. C'mon Motley Crue, rocks and rolls!
We did get some Jimmy Johns for dinner and my nephew hadn't had it we love it!
After dinner they didn't stay up late, both fell asleep during "Return of the Jedi". I fell asleep on the couch around 11pm and around 4am I vaguely remember hearing them talking and then the talking just stopped and they woke again at 8. I couldn't have used more sleep but oh well, I'm used to not sleeping in. AJ left around 630 later that evening. I was at my other sister Lisa's house helping her out w/ her blog. She started Scrappy Lo's quite a few months ago, posted once and didn't do anything with it. When I posted Friday she saw it on my fb and got reinterested. I think she'll like blogging once she gets into more. I was giving her ideas, and explaining it all. Check it out!

I'm getting sleepy and tired of hearing the person next to me playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, its so friggin' violent, eeewww gross! I mean he can't play if our son is around because its just that bad. Guess I'll go find a movie to watch on Netflix and chill for the night. I'm on a old movie kick right now, mostly 50's & 60's.

Some of you may think what a boring weekend, it was just right for me this weekend. Sometimes staying home is perfect, I hate being on the go all the time.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Into the 8th Day

Well here we are on the 8th day of the new year. I haven't been around much, taking care of family stuff and trying not to pull my hair out, so far I haven't.

I'm wide awake and its just after midnight, I typically am in bed around 830 or 9 at night. Tonight though I thought I would blog a bit. Its been since October since my last post. I want to get back to blogging again. I really enjoy it and shouldn't let the things that I like slip by the way side. I'm a dork I know but its fun. I've done that too many times in the past 8 1/2 years. Your probably like wow, you can really determine when things started to change. Well sure, it's simple I fell in love!

So tonight I've changed my layout and created a new banner so its new and fresh.

Mostly I wanted to share some things that I did in 2010. I've got photo's too :O) because you know my camera stays in my purse; you never know what might happen or c'mon my son turned 6 and he still experiences the first time he ever_______.
So my pictures may have been posted before but who cares right, if they're reposted it must of been pretty special or just a fav.

I started blogging in January 2010 to give some inspiration to other scrapbookers, but found that I was GETTING lots of inspiration from my fellow crafters. I even make cards now.
This post might be long, but I don't have anything else going on at the moment. Like I said, I'm wide awake the boy is sleeping and the "non-husband" isn't home, he's out with some friends. Speak of the devil he just walked in the door.
This past year delivered some good & bad and it gave me some answers.

I hadn't had a car pmt since 2008, unfortunetely I was also going on being w/out a car for 2 years. Dumb! Why? It broke down and the rest is too long to explain. I did not enjoy being driven by Bill's mother each morning and sometimes driven home too. It wasn't cool at all, helpful and thankful however. Not that I'm concerned w/ being cool, but that was just very uncool. I did finally get a car in October, I'm sportin' a '06 Ford Fusion.
Life has been so much better since having a car again. Having that freedom to drive off on my own is wonderful, oh I forgot to mention that Bill has a stick shift and I couldn't drive it, and he wouldn't teach me, not cool again.

Let's see I went to Key West with my sisters, mom and aunt in April and it was awesome to say the very least.
Good times were had of course, lots of laughs, gettin' on each other nerves, many cold, cold beers and plenty of food, and layin' by the pool. I started an album of that trip that I've gotten probably 85% of it done.
When I thought I was done I realized I didn't have some pictures and was totally bummed because I thought I was going to get to complete an entire album on a scrap weekend trip. That was another trip I took w/ my sister and our friend Corrina. That trip is always a must at least once a year. It's in northern Michigan its at a place called Harold's Resort in Traverse City off of Spider Lake.
We have a blast each time, just scrapping away. Kathy is the lady that runs the resort and does these weekenders in the off season and she is just wonderful and I would consider a friend now. I think that I've done the trip at least 5 times. She feeds us well too, its amazing the food she has, especially the stuft french toast. Oh man I start looking forward to that weeks before its time to go. Its that good!
Another small trip we took was in May to the Tulip Festival in Holland, Mi.
I've always wanted to go and finally I made it there. It was unfortunetely cold and the tulips weren't doing so well. Bill wasn't impressed, Lucas was mildly impressed. He was all about the hotel and pool.
His first time at a hotel.....see the first are always there. On our way home we stopped in Marshall, Mi for a visit to Turkeyville USA. We had heard about this place like 7 yrs ago and we finally made it. We came home a different route so that we could hit it up. It was really good, Bill was satisfied with this.
When he describes it to people he always says, " you know in Forrest Gump when they are talking about all the different shrimp? Shrimp scampi, shrimp kabobs, shrimp salad etc, well thats how it is at Turkeyville.....turkey dinner, turkey corndogs, turkey hamburgers!" Its so funny.
I made many and plenty of trips to Kentucky another long story, only thing tellin' about that is that I've done that trip (5 hrs down & 5 hrs back up) there and back in one day at least 3 times. That doesn't count the times I stayed for a weekend. Or my other family members did the trip there and back. Yikes! I'll just say it involved my neice Shelby and she is very loved by us. lol
I almost forgot about the dreaded annual canoe trip. It is and will always be hell for me.
Photo above bad canoe trip, photo below good canoe trip (its for the day only :O)

Lucas started 1st grade and at a new school.
Its been rough, but things are looking up. He has been labeled ADHD. I have accepted that and want to do what I can to make him wanted and accepted by family, friends and just everyday people that come into contact with him. He's adorable, smart and just fun. He deserves good things and things are looking up. His dad wasn't for medication but sometimes dammit you need to try something new to see if it will help. It has and his dad is thankful now on the route that we've chosen. My boy's therapist is wonderful, she really helps him learn new ways to focus, and helps us understand what he's going through. Yea, and my son has a crush on her too. Amazing!
We are still learning and making way to a better life for him, but there are still some bridges we need to cross. We'll get there, I've learned about patience the past 6 months.

OOh, my mom turned 60, haha! That's bogus isn't it not her age, but me laughing about it. We through her a party and it was Detroit Tigers themed.
She loves them and it was fun to dress in that gear and all guest did too.
This is all so random and scattered....we met up with some wonderful neighbors from the old neighborhood where I grew up.
Mom still lives there. Lots of reuniting on this past year with old neighbors/friends. I even got to join a "book club" haha the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and again haha.
Even though I've only made it through book 2. I <3 Rhage! I have a crazy feeling that I just might love Zsadist!!!! What book is he again?

Damn, I've hit that post button twice. Guess I should add the pics and stop talking about 2010 and move on cuz 2011 is here and I've got another 357 days to go. Have a wonderful year and keep blogging and following, I look forward to seeing what you've created. I love comments!

Blog at'cha later!

P.S. The pic below could have, wait did make the top 3 best things of 2010! The return of Roka Blue!!!!