Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday

Its a little later then normal, usually I post FF in the a.m.  Today I had such the hard time waking up.  I just couldn't get it together this morning.  So here I am, the boy is asleep and I am on the couch just chillin' bloggin' and facebookin'. 

I'm goin' WAY BACK this week.  This particular page was done w/in the first year ('04) of scrapbooking.  In an album that I don't share w/ my son, the album is titled Party Central.  Yep!  Mostly its just alot of beer drinkin' w/ my buddies.  All that drinkin' and I've managed to fill a Creative Memories album w/ 45 pages of refills in that one album.  That is 90 pages of good times!  WOW!  Anyways.....some of my bestest times were w/ my good friend Bandit. 

So there you have it, as I sit here and post this I wonder if my sister over at Scrappy Lo's is posting her first Flashback Friday.  We'll see........ its only 2 hours till Saturday.  I was excited when she told me last week that she liked this idea.  Jump on board if you want to as well.  Its fun to share your old work
Miss Bandit is part of the 2011 Yearly Ten, you may not have remembered it but its to meet up w/ an old friend each month. 

Tomorrow I am able to meet up w/ another friend, and possibly one other mutual friend for breakfast.  Maybe February I'll arrange something w/ Bandit.  
Well hope everyone has a good weekend!  


  1. I love this reminds me of old school scrappin'. Sometimes we get all caught up the new techniques when all you need is the good ol' basics! Sweet!