Monday, January 17, 2011

Climb Detroit

Ok so you can see my new gadget that has been added to the right, its a countdown to Climb Detroit. That is one of the 10 things that I would like to do in 2011.

I am trying to get a team together and have one other person committed, and one that is concerned about climbing 70 floors. I too am concerned but want to see what kind of strength I can pull together to do this. Fortunetely for me I work at the Renaissance Center the place where the stair climb will take place. The other person that has committed to it also works here. We will start training today during our 30 minute lunches. I have done stair climbing for the health benefits of it, lost 13 lbs doing it and saw a wonderful difference in the way my clothes fit. So looking forward to that again. Its been a couple years since I did that. When I did it in the past I got up 6 flights and thought I would die, but after 2 months of pushing myself I was able to do 26 floors. I think I could have gone further but time didn't allow for it.

Looking for a team of 4 at least.

Planning a fundraiser scrapbook crop as well at my mom's church. Hoping to find out if the date that I chose will be ok. Gotta get planning and started working on it.

I'm really looking forward to this, I'll be sure to share my progress along the way. Besides this will help me w/ one of my other goals to lose 25 lbs this year. BONUS!

Edited post: After posting this I went over to fb and updated my status asking for people to join my team. I have 4 people total now, and possibly another.
I also did 15 floors during lunch!

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