Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beginning and End

Well, well its a sunny day here in lower Michigan.  I'd love to be out and about but just not feeling like it. 

Let me just tell you about yesterday, had a wonderful day with my mom and Lucas just hanging out at her house for about 3 hours.  Then it was time to meet up w/ one of teammates/greatest friend ever for the Fight for Air Climb in March.  We went to my work which happens to be the place they do this.  This week I started climbing on my lunches and did fairly well.  She goes with me and I'm thinking ok we might do as many as I did, but its her first time maybe not.  Um, are you ready for this......
*~40 FLOORS~*

So there it is, we rocked and we rolled!  The Ren Cen consists of 7 towers total.  The center tower is the largest and it has 72 floors.  We did one of the business towers and it has 39 floors, however we started on A level so 40 floors is what we completed and it was rough a couple of times.  We did it, and we are proud, and we took a photo to show our pure excitement.  We drove around to the tower that we tackled and took a snapshot.  We'll be taking photos of this very unique situation for both of us, its NOT everyday we push ourselves into such a workout.  We are very serious about taking this on and we are looking into other challenges to do.  We aren't looking for great fabulous times, we just want to push and see what we are really capable of.  Yesterday proved to us that we can.  I'm still excited! 

On our drive home we were discussing it and she said, "once I put my mind to something I don't stop".  I had to admit I will stop.  We soon realized that we are good for each other because in the BEGINNING I'm ready to go, go, go let's get to it, then will give up after some time.  She needs to be pushed to start, but she always makes it to the END!

BTW all photos naturally will be scrapbooked by me, and probably put on fb by her.

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