Monday, January 10, 2011

Scrapbook Novels

So, on fb I follow Michigan Scrapbooker Magazine and they do giveaways and typically they give away scrapbooking materials. This time around you could have gotten scrapbooking stuff or a scrapbook novel. I like that idea, reading about what I love to do while mixing it with a little bit of murder mystery. Fun!

Of course, I looked up the author (Laura Childs) and saw that she has a whole series with 8 books so far. I'll be ordering up the first one to see if I likey.

Just curious has anyone read these books or came across other authors that have a scrapbook theme to it? Below is a listing of the 8 books.

#1-Keepsake Crimes
#2-Photo Finished
#3-Bound for Murder
#4-Motif for Murder
#5-Frill Kill
#6-Death Swatch
#7-Tragic Magic
#8-Fiber & Brimstone

As soon as I get to read it, I'll let you know what I think. Have an awesome day bloggers!


  1. They have novels about scrapbooking?!?!? That is awesome, I'll have to try one out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. No, I haven't read any of those. I've heard about scrapbooking novels, but never checked any of them out. I even thought about writing a horror novel about a scrapbooking crop gone wrong, LOL! Maybe one day :) I do love Michigan Scrapbooker Magazine - lots of great info in there!

  3. Where do you get that magazine?

  4. @ Lisa you can get the mag for free at most scrap stores. fyi the last crop in Commerce the consultant gave us a copy of the winter issue. check your bags, lol.
    also search it on fb....Michigan Scrapbooker Magazine

    @Danielle might even make a good movie.

  5. this isn't Michigan related, but there's another great book by one of our local East Coast (MD/VA area) authors with a scrapbooking theme. It's called A PAGE OUT OF LIFE by Kathleen Reid and it was a fantastic read; I have forgotten though to see if the sequel is out though. You may want to read it. Happy reading!!