Sunday, January 09, 2011

Well thank you weekend....'ve treated me good!

LOL! I've had a really good weekend, a lazy one at that.
It started after work on Friday I decided to make sure that I get back into blogging again. I missed it, and didn't really know it until I posted something that night. Not only did I miss writing on my blog and doing scrap challenges, I love looking at endless blogs and finding stuff that catches my eye and deciding are they worth following. Strange the things you'll come across while galavanting around blogger. While looking up fellow scrappers, and hittin' up probably a good 20 blogs I found one's profile that stated she liked to watch "tartoons".....huh? The only person I ever heard say that before was my dad, "tartoons" were a daily part of his life. He past on in '01 and there are times when I wish I could just sit w/ him again and watch Tom & Jerry or the Smurfs, just once more. Ok, didn't mean to go there, that wasn't in my agenda for this post but it sort of just happened. On to the rest of my weekend.

Woke up early on Saturday morning and spent the day cleaning and organzining. My nephew AJ was coming for the night and we were all excited because he hadn't spent the night in quite some time. We as in mom & dad thought it would be fun to play Wii for awhile. It didn't really happen like that because as soon as us grown ups wanted to play some Guitar Hero they scrammed. They don't think "Smoke on the Water" & "Shout at the Devil" are cool songs. C'mon Motley Crue, rocks and rolls!
We did get some Jimmy Johns for dinner and my nephew hadn't had it we love it!
After dinner they didn't stay up late, both fell asleep during "Return of the Jedi". I fell asleep on the couch around 11pm and around 4am I vaguely remember hearing them talking and then the talking just stopped and they woke again at 8. I couldn't have used more sleep but oh well, I'm used to not sleeping in. AJ left around 630 later that evening. I was at my other sister Lisa's house helping her out w/ her blog. She started Scrappy Lo's quite a few months ago, posted once and didn't do anything with it. When I posted Friday she saw it on my fb and got reinterested. I think she'll like blogging once she gets into more. I was giving her ideas, and explaining it all. Check it out!

I'm getting sleepy and tired of hearing the person next to me playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, its so friggin' violent, eeewww gross! I mean he can't play if our son is around because its just that bad. Guess I'll go find a movie to watch on Netflix and chill for the night. I'm on a old movie kick right now, mostly 50's & 60's.

Some of you may think what a boring weekend, it was just right for me this weekend. Sometimes staying home is perfect, I hate being on the go all the time.

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