Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time to Earn

I'm trying to get it together w/ my son and his ADHD.  I've tried so many things, it was looking up.  It's going back to how it was before with his aggression coming back.  I know that I need to limit his time on anything electronic.  I was at the dollar store yesterday and came across this spinner.  It gave me an idea......
I thought I can regulate how much he plays.  He has to prove himself in order to play his gaming. I woke up very early for a Saturday morning and decided I wanted to get this new project done.

I figured while I had the help I would have him punch out all the circles.  When he earns a spin, he will do just that; spin.  Whatever number he lands on is what he gets.  It ranges from 30 mins to an hour.  I'm sure he'll be praying for #5 each time he spins, thats the ULTIMATE REWARD!
Does he fully understand the rules of this, I hope so for our (mom & dad) sake.  He's probably going to raise a fit but that's what happens.  I can stick to it, it'll be dad that I'm worried about.  Not sure how much time he has on all these devices a day, but its alot, so he is going to be very limited.  There will even be days he gets nothing, this will help him understand good behavior and choices gets a spin.  If not, "No Spinny For YOU!"
The boy will survive and we will too, just coming up with new ideas on how to handle those bad moments are tough.  So I'm willing to try anything, we'll start this tomorrow.  Have you had this experience?  What are things you've done to reward your child for good behavior?  I don't want to focus so much on the bad.

Have a nice weekend, its a cold snowy one here!
Edited on 1/31/11 @ 453pm:
The boy had an awesome 2 thumbs up kind of day at school.  I guess he talked all the way home about how he gets to spin.  His 1st spin and he gets 2 hours, your choice.  He was so happy I guess, Dad got to do it with him, he has 5 minutes left to play, hope Dad follows the rules.  I'll be home in 30 minutes.

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