Friday, January 21, 2011

The return of Flashback Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  So glad the weekend is almost here.
So, I took a break from blogging the last quarter of 2010.  This morning I am getting back to something I enjoyed doing every Friday.  Something I like to call Flashback Friday (FF) allows me to share some LO's that were done early on in my scrappin' days.  It showcases how my own style has changed and its fun to take a look back at how simple those pages are.  So every Friday I'll be sharing, anything that was prior to LoveLeigh Scraps born on date.

The below LO comes from a 7x7 album that I created for our best friends and Ex-Door Neighbors.  Since they don't live next door we don't see them enough.  They moved temporarily to Minnesota, and I made this album for them when they came to their senses and moved back to Michigan.  This is my favorite of all.  Recently I nabbed the album to update it, to put the most recent pics in it.  Our time together isn't often but when we do get together its always guaranteed to a blast! 

These are some of my best memories!

 I have to giggle thinking back on when I created this page, I would guess about 3 years ago.  On the left page at the bottom, hard to read in the photo but it says Best Friends.  When I used that embellishment.....dang what is it called?  Well you lay it done and its pinkish in color, peel the overlay off and then you add glitter to it.  Either way I thought this is cool, and happy to be doing something so different.  Funny because now I do some things that are way cooler and to be honest I think I used those things on other 3 other pages and haven't used again.  See changes throughout my scrapbooking history.


  1. I really like this idea....Actually I like all your ideas but this is one I can do!! I'm joining the Flashback Friday Club ☺

  2. Sweet, hop on board, try and post one tonight!