Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family of 3: LO's

Hey there, let me come right out with it, I'm exhausted. I've had a super good weekend however, wish all were this way. Started off went to meet friends for martini's (my first) and spent the night chattin' it up w/ good company. Saturday I went to a scrapbook crop, and today I haven't done much at all. I did go workout and I did take a nap and I've watched so much iCarly with the boy.
I like her brother Spencer sort of cute, and tons of funny :O)

Ok on to scrapbooking, I have the LO's that I did over the weekend. Not sure about a couple of them I wasn't really feeling it like I normally do. Reasons unknown.

I decided not to take a bunch of stuff that I wouldn't use. I brought lots of paper, a few embelly's and instead of bringing multiple albums I decided on one project and just one. It gets really heavy and my back can't take it. Besides I figured it would be nice to get into the family album more. I started an album on things that my little family of 3 has done. We love to play out in the snow. We really enjoy sledding and even go with some friends of ours sometimes and they bring a grill and make food, and the coffee stays brewed and they even have hot cocoa on the grill for all the kiddies. The LO above was shoveling that turned into fun between the boy and dad.

Most of the layouts that I had done were our camping trips. I used alot of the recycled paper stack pack, just absolutely perfect for camping or our canoe trips.

This particular camp trip was such a good time, we really relaxed and enjoyed it.
Poor kid played at the beach and while walking back I noticed his bleeding ankle, when I bent down to see, there was a leach just suckin' away. Total freak out moment, but I gathered up enough calmness in me and we got through it. Of course dad wasn't anywhere around. It still gives me the creeps thinking about it.

Here's a few more from that trip.

I just love that paper. but I felt like I needed to brighten it up a bit, and well this is one of the LO's that I'm not so sure about.

These pics were taken at my work, he gets to visit every so often. I like this 8x10 photo of us. Dad was at work and it was a last minute decision to have it taken. My mom's church (which we go occasionally) was taking new photo's for a directory and she said that it was one photo for like, well its been 2 years I can't remember how much but it was so cheap I figured why not.
This LO is super simple, but I really like it alot. Stickles is great! Just discovered about 6 months ago. I am always trying to buy stuff that sparkles and glitters, this makes it so easy and possible to have bling all the time if I want to.

Let me know what you think, comments are always welcome. Hope your having a great evening. Maybe some of you are lucky enough to have Martin Luther King, Jr day off Monday. I get to show my face at work tomorrow. Boo Hoo! Either way have a good day whatever your doing.

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