Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's scrapbooking, he ask?

Hi everyone, hope your week is going well.  Mine is going about just fine.
This whole week for me has been about getting back into shape and get movin'.  I have started something and can't back out.  I am going to do a stair climb fundraiser and it just so happens to be at my work.  One of my supervisors does these stairs everyday that he works.  Well isn't he just healthy!  lol, no really, good for him.  I asked him yesterday how long does it take him to the 72 floors in the hotel?  He says that it takes him 14 minutes.  Wow!  I'm completely amazed, and like can I even complete it.  Gosh I hope so when the day comes for the stair climb.  He has done the fundraiser in the past but will be out of town this year.  He goes on to ask me how I'm doing I tell him that I did 26 floors in the office towers yesterday.  The day before I did 22 so I figure increase it a bit each day.  It takes me like 13 minutes to do that many, so I'm not as speedy as he is.  I'm all good with that.  He says good job, and tells me to add a backpack and put some weight in it.  My eyes about pop out of my head......the weight is good it for some reason makes you go faster. response to that outrageous comment is, well I have enough extra weight on me.  Truly in this process it is helping reach another goal and that is to lose a few lbs. 

So here is where, he says what's scrapbooking.  I share with him that I will be having a scrapbook crop fundraiser to help raise monies for the American Lung Association/Fight for Air Climb.  He looks like all confused and curious.  So I'm shocked and tell him you crop pictures put them in albums that you decorate with all sorts of cool and neat things.  He stares at me, still confused.  So I explain further and he just like huh?  What is a world without scrapbooking?  How in the world has his wife not spoke of this or some other girl in his life.  Not that they need to do it, but I talk about scrappin' probably everyday, or it crosses my mind.  Weird?  I don't think so, its my passion.  We all have something we're passionate about, however some haven't figured it out yet.

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