Tuesday, August 03, 2010

AuniLeigh's Top 5 Scrapbooking Items

This early evening I sit at home bored really. I should be cleaning the house or thinking about alittle din din for the fam, but I'm entirely to tired to do that. I will however need to do some laundry for sure. I have enjoyed my 5 days off of work, and tomorrow will be coming soon enough. This last day of vacation has been a completely lazy day. A nap, some Wii w/ the boy, we met dad for some mexican food at Angelina's at lunch and watched some TV. I checked out some blogs and thought about my blog. As I've said before I don't write or even think that I can, but I love blogging. Anyways, I was thinking of what to post today and I thought talking about some of my favorite items as a scrapper. Loving a papercraft hobby, of course I love all the brilliant colors that the papers come in. I do use designed papers but tend to lean more toward the solid colors. So here are my Top 5 necessary scrapbooking items, I may not use everytime I scrap a LO or make a card but there still my favs:

#5, color wheels are nice it helps you go outside your normal color combos, that is why I like the color challenge blogs too.

#4, brads & eyelets are just fun, I heart my Crop-a-dile! Looks like I need to refill and soon.

#3, ribbon I believe is probably every papercrafters favorite, you just can't go wrong w/ ribbon.

#2, CLEARANCE items, need I say more :O)

#1, that's my boy, w/out him as my subject I wouldn't scrapbook like I do.

So I will finally start dinner then a small amount of cleaning. I did grab the Fall issue of Michigan Scrapbooker today, good stuff and great giveaway in one of articles. You can pick up a copy at most Michigan scrapbook stores, its free.

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