Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Good Memories, Good Time 2 Scrap

So I was on fb this evening and decided to search for a new group on there for some inspiration. I have slacked a bit. I came across a group called Scrap Blogs, it is a place for bloggers to go and add their link and click on others links to get new ideas. You should check it out for sure.

I don't have much planned for this weekend other then an old friends wedding reception and a much needed haircut. I will make time during the weekend to scrap. I am a bit overwhelmed by all of the pictures that I have piling up. Bonus deal-went into Meijer today and they have their .9 cents per 4x6 photo sale. Love it! I never know about it but just happen to go in to do some shopping at those times. Also available for pickup in just 15 minutes....I love you Meijer!

So I have more photos that will be piling up if I don't scrap this weekend. Usually random outings w/ family and friends I get behind on, but vacations and day trips someplace....I don't get behind. And well I am. I've been to this year so far Key West, Tulip Festival, TurkeyVille, 2 camping trips and usually I keep my son's school album up to date as well. He graduated Kindergarten this year, and haven't done a dang thing. I did so well too with his preschool album. So the winning photos that get to go in an album this weekend are.....(drum roll)......Tulip Festival & Turkeyville, both from the same trip. Key West is a large project I'm going to save that one for my weekender coming up in October. Yea for WEEKENDERS!

Here are just a couple of pics from the Tulip Festival/TurkeyVille trip.

Later everyone and I am hoping that I get many, many pages done to share with you.
BTW my photo of the hibiscus on my banner is a photo that I had taken in Key West, beautiful!

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