Thursday, July 22, 2010


I need some coffee this morning. I haven't been up this early in quite some time. I would usually be up in about an hour. The boys are already demanding stuff. My 5 yr old is asking for water, thankfully he fell back to sleep immediately. Dad is asking for McDonalds, I will give into that because I want a coffee. Not a regular coffee drinker but I'm feelin' it today. I'm catching up on all the great new blogs that I found, and all they're talent. I have found some new sites that I just love and can't wait to delve into and see what they're all about. I'll be right back...........all set got the coffee, watched a bit of the news to find out the traffic and weather. Now watching DIY Scrapbooking getting some more ideas, sometimes I think what they show is silly, but todays episode has a couple worthy ideas. lol
This weekend is going to be full of scrapbooking and maybe a card challenge.
Mmmmmm....they are teaching stamp kissing, have you ever done? Looks easy enough. I may give that a try. Hope all of you are feeling creative and do just that create! ttyl

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