Friday, September 10, 2010

FF and bit more this morning.....

Hello World, just sitting here wastin' time until I leave for work. I only had to work yesterday and today and its killin' me. I really wish that I could go part time or even be a SAHM. So I've been all sorts of mixed up this week being off work and gettin' my son back to school on Tuesday. He went into 1st grade. So I thought for my Flashback Friday LO, I would post the above photo of his first day of Pre-school. I really heart this LO. He was so cute and as with most kids, its tough for the mom to let go, and even dad in this case.....the boy was fine! However when we picked him up he was near tears. Time really does go by fast, it seems like I just scrapped this album and now I'm getting ready to start another one for elementary years. Anyways, about the layout, red and yellows are one of my favorite color combos. Just love it! Hey I never did post Movie Monday, I had a movie picked out but again I was out of sorts this week. The movie was going to be "Back to School" not a movie that I'm a fan of, but wanted to go w/ the theme of the week. I thought how can scrap this and not have my photos printed yet. Well now I'm sitting here thinking, I could have created it w/out pics and posted pictureless. Duh! I will remember that for next time.
Just below are 2 photo's of my boy this week:

Here he is gettin' ready to drive to his new school (that I love) my big shot going into 1st grade on Tuesday!
And here he is gettin' on the bus this chilly Friday morning, and he was so nervous first time riding a bus, he wouldn't even look at me for a pic. He was unsure, but last night he couldn't sleep because he was so excited to finally get to ride the bus. He'll be fine I'm sure. See ya after work Mister Man.

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