Monday, September 06, 2010

Sisters Trip Album: Key West Part 1

Good morning all, I'm sitting here watching QVC this super peaceful morn. My son was lucky enough to spend the night at my mom's house last night. My other half will be sleeping in no doubt. I tried but knew that I wouldn't succeed. I got up and thought well lets check out fb and then blog a bit. I've been busy, busy this weekend scrapbooking. I started working on my Sisters Trip album. Our first trip in 2008 was to Vegas, and now I am able to add our Key West trip from this past April in it. Here are a few of my pages:

This was on our first day and it was so hot, we already had lunch and went for some reason to go check on our rental car. We stopped for ice cream, and debated should we jump on this pedi-bike or hike it back to our other 2 sisters. We jumped on and when we found our sisters they were in this bar and I yelled out, "Hey what up girls!" You should have seen them laughing their booties off. That's them through that groovey window, but you can't see it. It was funny.
Here was the first southernmost spot, everyone knows this spot, I'm sure you've all seen it before. Strange to know that Cuba is only 90 miles away from that spot. Never realized it was so close.
This was the view from our 2nd floor room. My mom and aunt have this beautiful place that we got to stay at. How could you not fall in love w/ Key West. That's some serious viewing right there. We were thankful they invited us to stay with them. That condo really is nice and something to think about myself in the future.
Absolutely beautiful, and they were taken at the condo.
More condo flowers, that just took my breath away. The beauty of the flowers in Key West had to be one of my favorite things about that place.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day. My son starts school tomorrow and its a big day a new school, all new friends and I'll be off until Wednesday and have to return to the dreaded Renaissance Center on Thursday to get some work done. Ugh! At least I only have a 2 day work week, can't complain there. I'm off here to get my boy and go have breakfast w/ him and my mom. I'll be scrapping some more this afternoon and will probably try to finish Key West.


  1. Great layouts thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I live in South Florida, just a few hours from Key West. Your pictures are gorgeous and I love the paper you have paired them with!