Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm a mom w/ a son that has ADHD.....

......ok so I've said it. It's not a bad thing, right? Of course not. How silly for me to think such a thing. I have been foolish for a minute about it, but I'm not any longer. I am taking over and will create a better life for my son.

So this is way off from my regular postings that have to do with papercrafting. At times I sway to another subject. Life isn't only about scrapbooking!

So here's a little history of my life w/ my son. My son is 5 and will be 6 in November. He is an only child. We as parents love him very much and in very different ways. We are total opposites when it comes to beliefs, and that creates many, many problems. I know what is right for my son, his dad is quite ridiculous when comes to doing whats right. The problem is "what is right and what is wrong in this particular situation?" HE BELIEVES SO STRONGLY IN NO MEDS APPROACH. But has done not a damn thing in 6 months to help his only child cope with this. He as the dad now realizes that his son needs a chance at being a good student, a well behaved child, that others want to be around. Our son has been labeled by his teachers, the entire school, family and friends, nobody gives him a chance. 6 months ago we learned that he is ADHD.

He is now in the 1st grade and boy has he kept me runnin'. He has struggled since pre-school, it only gets worse. He needs help, I need help, his dad needs help. He needs it in the sense that he needs to be able to focus, have fun, understand and he needs help with his self control. I need help because I can't do this alone, I lean towards my mom, not the father of my child, I have the view that isn't a good one when it comes to dad. And well dad needs alot of help, he is so self absorbed and ignorant that I'm not sure what will come of this.

This doesn't need to be a hard life for our boy. I realized today while driving to go pick him up from school for misbehaving our smart, loving boy can't help the misbehaving he has no self control whatsoever. He has a condition that hasn't been handled properly. How can I continue to punish him, when he is so confused and unsure of what to do. He is 5, have we been to tough on him? Have we created a bad child because we were grounding him, taking toys away etc? Not sure really. Its important to distinguish between being bad and not having control to do whats expected. My same question comes up again, did we over do the discipline?

I'm going to be there for my son, listen to him better, and get him the help that he needs to maintain a good focused life. He is quite brilliant, cute as a button, fun and very loving, I don't want to confuse him any longer. I will research more then I have and read blogs to get maybe a better outlook at what other parents go through. How they handle they're experiences with ADHD. My son wants to be understood and loved like the rest of us!


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  2. Thanks for following. I have visited your blog and very interested in learning what everyone else goes through. I want all the knowledge that I can gain and following blogs will allow that. Have a great day, and I'll be looking forward to your post.