Thursday, October 07, 2010

Answers this evening

I am anxious to leave work today. Thankfully my boss said I could leave earlier then normal. We take our son back to the counselor today and will be re-opening his case to find new ways to handle his ADHD/ODD. She had recommended meds before and he did go see the doctor for an evaluation and Dad said no. I could have died, I've known for some time now that would be what our son needed to get through a day of school, or a visit w/ family. He is so stupid, and now he is practically begging for the little man to be on something. It's a shame but I want to scream at him and tell him "I told you so!"

Well the time has come and we can get the proper help for the little man. I do believe life will be better, and my son will be able to fit in. He is 5 and I often think about getting him into karate, soccor, church even, but terrified of his behavior. To often he is let down because we don't return, so now I am hoping that I can sign him up for stuff and he not be labeled as that problem child. He truly is sweet, but it gets overlooked all the time, by everyone.

Here is a pic of my little man, I just look at him and I know that he is something GREAT! But that's enough I want everyone to know that he is something GREAT!

It happens so much that he isn't included fun outings, because of his behavior. That isn't fair. Look at him playing in the water, guess what he was so good that day, anytime we take him there actually. I want him to be included, I want friends to last, I want adults to enjoy being around him. I'd like him to be invited someplace for once. Instead of us always having to do the inviting.

I believe alot of answers will be answered tonight. I also believe some things are going to take time to happen. I've waited this long and so has he, we will get through this.


  1. I can relate to so much of what you say, and it is heartbreaking to have a child that doesn't quite fit-in. I'm too tired to post too much, but want you to know that there are so many that have walked the same road as you. Please, look for support from others also dealing with ADHD. Speaking with other parents can give you more knowledge than any doctor can. They live it, every minute of every day. BTW - I can totally sympathize with you on the ignorance that some fathers bring to these situations. Do what you know is right. You will always be your son's #1 advocate.

  2. I so hope that some of your questions were answered.

    It must be so difficult to try and keep everyone happy .. .. when at the end of the day the only person you are really bothered about is your son.

    I have no experience of anything you are writing about .. .. but my thoughts and good wishes are with you.

    I hope that everything sorts itself out for you so that you can all enjoy "normal family things".

    Take care.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies, I have been getting a sorts of new support and it makes a girl feel lucky. I received good news last night and just need to be patient now. I don't have much patience but I can make this work, and just wait. Thanks again! Hugs!