Friday, June 11, 2010

Family Moments

Family is probably the most important thing to everyone. I too think about the importance of my family. Growing up I've had a super mom and dad, 3 sisters and my brother. I am the youngest of 5. I have been on facebook for over a year now, and I used it hoping to get in touch w/ family across the country. I have and it was a slow start with getting to know everyone. I have always wanted to know about the other relatives. I've always had my Auntie Nette around and her 2 boys. The boys however were closer in age with my siblings. My Grandma got to visit us in Michigan every once in a while and would come for 2 month periods. Not sure how many trips she made out to us in Michigan her being in Seattle, but I only remember 3 visits. I remember once meeting my Grandpa. My mom has all sorts of brothers and sisters. My dad on the other hand an only child, never knew his dad whom apparently died in WWII and his mother died the year I was born. I went on a trip w/ my 3 sisters, mom and aunt to Key West this past April. I learned so many things about family; little things and was amazed at just that the little things I never knew. Once I had gotten back from the trip I decided to join and came across so much information about my mothers family. Sort of at a road block on my fathers side. Work in progress for sure. So then this past weekend I decided to go through my mom's photos, because I'm obsessed with photographs and well that is the basis of me and my scrapbooking; it goes hand in hand. lol
I posted some pics from family visits this past weekend and I got such a huge response. My uncle David whom is also the youngest (of 9) and I have become good friends practically over night. We have alot of similarties. Good stuff for sure. I am getting to know so much about him and we even got to talk on the phone yesterday. We have decided to actually and truly do a reunion, we are coordinating this event. It will be in Boulder, Colorado 2012. That is the only details so far. 2 years away, it seems so far, but I know that it will actually fly by, and before you know it, we'll being hugging and shaking hands of those that we haven't seen in years or never had the pleasure of meeting.
I have met all of my aunts and uncles at least once, with the exception of uncle Mick. So I look forward to meeting him at the reunion. I had the great pleasure of meeting my uncle George back in '99. I am thankful that I have a picture of him and I. He has since past on.
So anyway I love that family is coming together and it now time for me to get off this computer and pack so that my awesome little family can go camping.
ttyl bloggers!
Rockin' the Rockies-Bodah Family Reunion 2012-Boulder, Colorado

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