Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yesterday I celebrated 8 years with my Love. It doesn't seem that long ago that he approached me in the coat check line. Time flies I guess when there's Love in the mix. Bill's last name is Love, mine isn't. Not sure what happened there, it would be nice to share the name Mr. & Mrs. Love. I started to get all sentimental last night after everyone went to bed. I was thinking about all the fun times that we've had. I pulled down the little 7x7 album that I started of us. Its amazing to see the changes in us in 8 years. We met in 2002, and I had started scrapbooking in 2004. When I went to that first Creative Memories class at my sister Lisa's house back then, I had ordered their limited edition 7x7 Love Sentiments album. I decided I would start small and it would be an album of us and only us! To the right is the first photograph that we had taken together. I had invited him to a wedding just 2 weeks after meeting him. He was a bit nervous because my entire family was there. He got through it, and the fam accepted him.

This is one of the very first pages that I had created when I started my scrapbook obsession. Its fun to see how we've changed throughout the years and how my technique in scrapbooking has changed.
I also noticed that I only scrapped things that we've done between 2002-2006. I make sure that there is always pics of us at everything we attend, holidays, bbq's, vacations etc. So I need to focus on this cute little album again. I have 4 years of pics that I've neglected. Yikes! I need to scrap-to-it!

Sharing scrap pages throughout the years is fun. I plan to share more of the old stuff. Thankful that I've learned some new ideas along the way!

Update on my Wii Fit.....not going so well, gotta get back on track!

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  1. What a cute page...You guys look great! SWEET!