Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Top Banana!!!

So my little man in my life Lucas is 5 and he is in Kindergarten. In his class each week the teacher does a one page newsletter with what they will be learning that week and a feature child, known as the TOP BANANA! My son finally made it to that ever so awesome spot.
She does alittle interview with each kid and well, "Kids Say the Darnest Things." We've gotten many chuckles out of the other kids that have had there time on the newsletter. We couldn't wait to see what Lucas had to say. Very cute he is, but we were shocked that he said we were too busy to play with him on the Wii & Xbox. His dad plays everyday with him at least half of the playing time. I usually play Xbox when I can. So we were hurt by this, I couldn't sleep over it last night because I know we do so much with him. I have all sorts of projects that we do together, I'm a scrapbooker I have plenty of ideas and fun stuff. Anyways, maybe I'm thinking to much into it but I don't ever want him to feel like we don't do enough for him. His dad was an only child and his father wasn't in the picture, so he makes sure he does plenty with him. He doesn't realize what he said, and he's 5 so I'm going to get over it....I just don't want others thinking poor kid. Anyways, that was my mom moment that didn't make me feel very good. Well he's a good boy and I love him, and I will continue to do what I do now. Its plenty my mom says she's never seen parents play as much as we do with him. So on that note I'm out!
Wii Fit count 9/86....the trainer on My Fitness Coach said that when I come back today it will be a Physical Challenge.....yikes!

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