Monday, February 22, 2010

I heart challenges!

So I've been exploring this blog world for about 2 months now. I am totally getting into these challenges I find all over the blog. I have been doing the challenges over at Allsorts for about 4 weeks now. That site gives me all sorts of inspiration to make cards. I like doing cards but I'm not as detailed as they get with all their copic markers (to which I've only heard of since I've started blogging). I have to say I'm curious to see them, and try them out. So as I am a true scrapbooker at heart I searched for some new sites this past weekend. I did discover another site on Saturday SPCC, it seems to be more scrapbookers and their challenge is all based on the color combos, so the colors they provide are what you have to work with. I also came to Practical Scrappers they try to get you to use your stash. I am excited to join all of challenges. I hope to keep them straight, and to keep up with it all because it will help keep me up to date. I've already completed the Allsorts and posted. Now here is my take on SPCC. Funny about 2 weeks ago I started a Allsorts and didn't have enough time to finish and post in time. Well the LO had 2 of the 3 colors on it that SPCC was asking for, so I was able to complete it last night by adding the third color.