Monday, March 14, 2011

LoveLeigh miscellaney

*Yay for short work weeks, I have Friday off.  Sweet!  Even better on Friday morning my sister and I will be driving up to Houghton Lake area for a scrapbook weekender.  This is a new place for us, we are looking forward to something new.  Best part its only $90....and you know how pricey these weekenders can be.  We look for cheaper ones, and we've come across this one.  The theme is Spring Bling, we bought feather boa's (Friday night contest), lots of bling and we are excited for a great time.  Check them out on fb, Scrap-tastic Events. 

*I met with a friend yesterday for lunch, we haven't seen each other in almost 4 years.  We had a falling out and it was time to bury the hatchet and move on.  We've been friends since high school. We shared some laughs and caught up on everything.  It was good to laugh with her again.
That is definetely back in the day. 

*The news is simply depressing.

*That darn alarm clock that my "non-husband" has is killing me.  For 8 years I've listened to this thing go off starting at 430am, every weekday.  He doesn't start work until 715am so why have that thing set up so early.  What kills me he doesn't get up until 620am.  So I have to hear that thing, loud as can be, it drives me nuts.  Whomever invented snooze deserves a punch in the head. 

*Moving is in my near future, well within the next 6 months.  Gotta get busy, searching to buy our first home is nerve wrecking, but its time, and definetely needed.  Looking forward to the change, we've been in this rental for 8 years.  Not going to be sad to leave in the least.  We are going to start packing up stuff now.  Let's move it yo!


  1. That alarm would drive me nuts as well!!!

    Fun miscellany to read.


  2. Stylish blog! Am now following you from the Miscellany Monday blog hop, would love a follow back ^_^

  3. Hi Auni! I have awarded you the Stylish Blog Award! You may pick up your award over at my blog
    Thank you for inspiring me and introducing me to blogging!

  4. Found your blog through Carissa's! :) So glad you and your friend were able to reconnect once again! And the alarm clock, you said that oh so well! Totally can relate! :)