Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

Well I've had an overwhelming past week.  Things have been good and busy.  Before I get to this weeks FF I wanted to share my stair climb results.  I had practiced each weekend (6 weeks w/ Kimmy) before the actual climb and our best time was 36 minutes.  We did the climb last Sunday and we did it in 27 minutes.  That is huge we blew the old best time out.  It felt great!  My co-worker Sanja was part of my team. We've signed up for next year already, one of my sisters joined also.  We hope to double our team next year.
MY STAIR LADIES, before the climb!

MY STAIR LADIES, after the climb!
We all stuck together and made sure we made it to the top together.  As a team we wanted to raise $600, we raised $1010.  Wow!  Next year we plan to raise $2000.  Anyways, after our climb we were on the news see below.  How much fun was that?  Lots!  Afterwards we went to a local bar and celebrated.

Love my teammates, who will join us next year?

                                                I get to scratch this one off my Yearly Ten list.
                         Thanks to those that supported us and the American Lung Association.

Hundreds Tackle RenCen's 70 Stories for Charity

So we're onto FF, this LO I'm not so proud of, sometimes you just have off days!  You do right? 

Hope you have a great weekend!  Gotta get dinner started before we all go hungry.  Blog at'cha later!


  1. You girls are awesome!Congrats!! Love the layout! I like the colors and the how the pics are laid out.

  2. Congrats on blowing your old time out of the water! You should be very proud of yourself!