Friday, January 29, 2010

The Weekend is Here...TaDa!

Work was good this week and very interesting. I work at the Renaissance Center, Downtown Detroit. Strange people walk amongst us. While work was good this week, I am estatic that its over and I can begin my weekend in just a short few hours. My sister will be coming over to watch Twilight with me after my son goes to bed. Yep we're finally going to break down and watch it. LOL! I started the crockpot this morning and have soup beans cookin' up for us. Corn bread will be made and we will chow down. Its a favorite from our childhood, our father being from the southern part of Kentucky; so it was a staple for us growing up. Her husband doesn't like it or even understand it so she doesn't get the opportunity to make it. I get to every once in awhile. Yum!

Saturday and Sunday not really sure what is in store for my little family. Shopping, playing, scrapbooking, hugs, naps whatever it is I hope at least all of the above will happen. I may even tackle our basement and start going through stuff to throw out, give to goodwill or even pack away. We are ready to start looking to buy our first house! We rent currently from one of my other sisters and have lived in this house for 7 years, its time to move on. This house is cursed a tiny bit, I'm sure of it as you may have read in a previous post. Cursed not in your "Ghost" kind of way, it keeps us from doing certain things. So house hunting is in our future, very near future.

Wii Fit standing is 6/86....I'm keepin' it movin'!

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