Monday, January 18, 2010

Sisters Trip II

Sweet! Key West is approaching quickly.

I've never been there before, I am going with my 3 sisters, my mom & my aunt in April.
Gotta love vacationing!!!

My sisters and I took a trip to Vegas back in August 2008
We had a blast, on that trip we decided every two years that we would take another vacation together (Sisters ONLY! No FRIENDS) to places we never have gone to before or revisit a favorite of ours. None of us had been to Key West so we decided on that this time around. I mentioned to our mom thats what the plan was for March 2010 but she asked if we'd like to go in April. Her and her sister would be going then, and we would have a free place to stay, we'd only have to pay for a flight and our own car rental. I was on board immediately, plus I've traveled many times just my mom & my aunt. Its fun! So I told the other sisters and they all agreed it would be fun, and we're all related, so why not, plus their sisters so we're kind of sticking to our plan. It seemed so far away but now its only 3 months away.
So I gotta get my butt in gear, I've been doing my Wii Fit to help w/ a few lbs that has creeped up on me in the past couple of years. Gotta eat right to lose right!

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