Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gotta scrap!

So I haven't spoke much about scrapbooking in my blog. I haven't had much time to do it, I usually can once every couple of weeks. I love to give ideas or even read other scrapbookers blogs and get new inspiration.
My sister Lisa is my partner in crime, we love to sit together scrap and chat. I've missed it lately because she has had some pretty horrible back issues the past few months, so she hasn't been able to do anything. On Monday she is having surgery to correct it. I also have back pains but nothing like her. I hope all goes well. I miss our crop outings! We do have a weekend planned in October. WOOT! WOOT! It's in Traverse City off of Spider Lake at Harold's Resort (pic with cabin is where we stay). We typically go with up to 4 other ladies, but this time it may be just us. We've done that twice before and its so nice because we think the same and there isn't any drama at all.

My Wii Fit standing is 5/86!

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